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I recently came across an article Titled “Managed Services and Oracle: Underserved Niche?”  by Joe Panettieri where I was quoted.  As I read this article, a few things jumped out at me I would like to share with you.

That Ntirety has been 100% focused on Database Administration As A Service® for close to a decade. It was clear to me in the late 1980’s when I first came up with the idea to offer database administration service remotely over the internet that this was the future of database administration.

Historically there are were only 2 ways to solve a critcal need for database administration.

1. Hire a Full Time Database Administrator

2. Hire a DBA Consultant

With the Internet, it is made it possible to offer a DBA remotely in a cost effect and completely secure manner. Setting up Frame Relays was never cost effective.



The combination of cost effective and secure has made it  econmically possiblefor a Managed Service database offering to exist. Todays companies have 3 choices:

1. Hire a Full DBA

2. Hire a DBA Consultant

3. Managed Service DBA or as we call it at Ntirety Database Administration As A Service®

It is my belief that the future of Database Adminstration will be option #3 in conjuction with option #1.

Lets face it, why would you hire a DBA consultant, when for a fraction of the cost, you could have a team of remote Database Administrators. It is also my belief that for many companies it will be a combination of Internal Staff and remote DBA’s working together. After 10 years of being focused on Database Administration As A Service® the majority of our work is done sharing responsibilty with the inhouse DBA staff.

What happens when you only need 20% of a DBA time, why would you hire a consultant when you can hire a Managed DBA Service to fill that void much more cost effectively.

The other major factors that made it clear to be why Database Adminstration As A Service® was the future of database adminisration were:

Database Keep getting bigger and bigger. Studies show that a database grows 3-5 times it size every 3 years, When I first started working with Oracle version 3, we thought a 100 megabytes database was a large database. Now its common to have multi-terabyte database

Database Growth







Database keep getting more and more complex. Just Say Oracle Rac and a lot of DBA’s shutter. With our Microsoft SQL Server customers we see replication all the time. When I first started working with Oracle it came with a set of three books to understand the database and all its capabilities, now I could fill a whole wall full of books.



When I first started as a DBA, I could know it all. Now its beyond the capabilities of any single DBA to know it all. Thats why today we have:

Production DBA’s

Development DBA’s


Oracle Rac DBA’s

Data warehouse DBA’s

Application DBA’s


Which is why I dont feel a single DBA consutlant is the way to go. For smaller companies, you will have your inhouse DBA. Who will then work inconjuction with a DBA Managed Service to fill in those Knowledge gaps.

As I read Joe Panettiera a lot of thoughts came to me. Joe as the question “Is that a Hot New Niche?”

Its clear to me. For companies that need a 1/2 a DBA, Database Administration As A Service® is the most cost effective solution. For Smaller companies that don’t have teams of DBA’s, it also the most efficent way for them to obtain a Production DBA, RAC DBA, OS DBA, Development DBA, Data warehouse DBA without breaking the bank.

What the last 10 years has showed me Database Administration As A Service® is here to stay.


Michael Corey

Founder & CEO, Ntirety

My Personal Twitter Account: Michael_Corey

Ntirety Corporate Twitter Account: Ntirety

Note: Database Administration As A Service® is a registered trademark of Ntirety, Inc.


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