Microsoft Knows Its Knitting: Comments on Oracle Sun Deal

I found a great article on The Register website from the UK. It had some great quotes from Steve Ballmer concerning the Oracle Sun deal.   Here is a small portion of the article.

Microsoft’s DNA won’t permit Oracle-Sun deal

Ballmer knows his knitting

By Gavin Clarke in San Francisco

Comment When Steve Ballmer tackled the inevitable question on a Microsoft hardware acquisition, in the wake or Oracle’s planned purchase of Sun Microsystems, he was “sticking to the knitting.”

“I have no idea why a software company would buy a hardware company,” Microsoft’s chief executive is reported to have said.

That’s not to say Microsoft is impervious to one big trend working its way through the market for storing, serving, and understanding information that Oracle occupies: the trend for getting fast access to huge quantities of data on massive networks and making sense of it. Far from it.

Increasingly, a hardware and software stack tuned to the needs of a combined database, storage system, and processing unit – an appliance – is seen as the way to tackle this.

Oracle last year announced the HP Oracle Exadata Storage Server and HP Oracle Database Machine, a box from Hewlett-Packard featuring a stack of pre-configured Exadata Storage Servers all running Oracle’s database and its Enterprise Linux.

It’s possible that Oracle’s purchase of Sun could help it turn out more such boxes. The only question is why Oracle would want to bother taking on the burden of running a global, hardware design and manufacturing operation when its core competence is software.

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Microsoft’s DNA won’t permit Oracle-Sun deal 

I think this has a lot to do with Larry Ellison. He has tried on a number of occasions to get into the Hardware Business. I wonder what will happen with the HP relationship now that Oracle does not need them ?

I think Oracle getting access to MySql was a very smart move. They will very quicky develope a migration path from MySql to Oracle if they are smart. There is good reason Microsoft SQL Server is the fastest growing database in the Market. When you look at the total suite of develppment tools all built by one vendor, the Buisness Intelligence Capabilities, the tight integration, the price points. There is good reason people are choosing SQL Server now. 

Also getting there hands on JAVA was very good for Oracle. I think Microsoft is smart to stick to there knitting. 


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