Rolta Announces Acquisition of TUSC

Tusc out of Chicago was sold today. Congratulations Rich Niemiec, Joe Trezzo and Brad brown. They have been in the Oracle consulting arena since 1988. If my memory is correct all three founders worked at Oracle originally at one point. The have built an excellent consulting business with a solid reputation. When people ask me to recommend an Oracle consulting company I usually say Integra Consulting out of Waltham, Ma founded by David Teplow my old business partner. David started his Oracle career with Oracle version 2.0. You dont hear that too often.

Here is the Link to Integra Consulting if you are interested in learning more………

Link to Integra Consulting a great oracle consulting house….

I prefer my clients to use Integra Consulting for Oracle services but I will say they would be in good hands with Tusc. Rich, Joe and Brad ran a solid business and did good work for their clients. It says in the press release that they will continue to lead the company. I hope that is the case; otherwise Oracle customers will loose a good source for Oracle expertise.

Congradulations to Rich, Brad & Joe. I hope this deal is all you hoped it would be for you , your company and your families.

For those interested in seeing the actual press release here is a link to it.


Rolta Announces acquisition of Tusc….

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