Sun’s Best Buy Ever: MySQL

I have meant for a while to comment on Sun Microsystems buying MYSQL. People can’t believe Sun Actually spent a billion dollars for MySQL.

When I talk to a lot of people they just don’t get it. I think its brilliant. Let me say it again, Great move Sun. If anything can save Sun and put them back into a strong market position this can.

I have always liked Sun’s computer equipment. Early in my career I worked for a major New England bank who shall remain nameless. They were big blue from head to toe. I was able to bring Sun Microsystems into the Bank. It was the first time in this bank they had anything but Big Blue running a mission critical database. I was able to use the database and application I was running as justification for bringing in a SUN box in a shop that was big blue head to toe

It was this banks first exposure to Unix operating system. I even had to build my own data center to put it into. I think they were afraid of the Big Blue boxes catching a bad Virus from the Sun Box. In this case I used it to run a Sybase database on. A Sun Box that is fine tuned to running MYSQL is a great reason to buy the Sun box.

Sun in my opinion has all the right pieces and now they have to execute well. I wish them a lot of luck. For those nay sayers. MySQL is here to stay, get use to it!

There was great article that I think did a great job of explaining why this makes a lot of sense. It was titled “Sun’s Best Buy Ever: MySQL” by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols. I found it in Here is a link if your interest learning more….


Sun’s Best Buy Ever: MySQL



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