VMworld 2015 or Bust

VMworld 2015 of Bust

Today I received an email that my presentation Database Virtualization: Doing IT Right with vSphere 6.0 has been accepted at both San Francisco and Barcelona. Here are the details.

Session ID: VAPP5129
Session Title: Database Virtualization: Doing IT Right with vSphere 6.0
Track: Software-Defined Data Center

The original presentation was created with the help of Jeff Szastak. We also tapped into our network of great people like Don Sullivan, Michael Webster (LongWhite Virtual Clouds), Mark Achtemichuk (@vmMarkA), David Klee (@kleegeek), Chris Williams (@chrisw0830)…. The list goes on and on.

VMworld 2015 or Bust


Building Your Network

In the Technology field, its important that you have a network of smart people. You will need them at times and they will need you. If you don’t have a network, if you interested in Microsoft SQL Server start attending (SQL Saturdays), interested in Oracle (IOUG Collaborate)  and for all things VMware & vSphere (Vmworld). Start  at these events. You will be a better professional for it. On my blog I have a Useful Links section. Where I point you to resources that I feel are important if you are serious about Virtualizing Business Critical Applications like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle on VMware vSphere.

Database Virtualization: Doing IT Right with vSphere 6.0

This presentation is worth attending. Don’t take my word for it. Take the word of the many VMworld Attendee who have seen it over the years. The first year Jeff and I gave it, it was rated by over 800 attendees with very high scores. This happened in Both the US and Barcelona. Last year when Jeff Szastak and I presented the presentation it made top 10 at the conference when we gave it. Not an easy feat for a Database Centric presentation. It is loaded with lots of good technical content, that applies across all Business Critical Applications that are being Virtualized. It does sell out fast each year, so I would encourage you to sign up early.  We are in the process of adding lots of useful information on Databases being virtualized with vSphere 6.0. The book Virtualizing SQL Server with VMware Doing IT right started with the presentation, not the other way around.

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Hope I see you at one of the VMworld Conferences this year.


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