What No Oracle Database 11G for Apple Iphone

I saw an article in Digital Daily by John Paczkowski titled “What No Oracle Database 11G for Iphone.“. For those people who are not familar with John Paczkowski, he likes to poke fun at the Technology industry. John is known for his tech news log Good Morning Silicon Valley for the San Jose Mercury News a Silicon Valley daily newspaper. I became familiar with John’s work on my many trips to San Francisco when I stayed at Hotel Oracle. Better know as the La Meridian near Oracle headquarters.

To read John’s Article What No Oracle Database 11G for Iphione

What is of interest here is the BlackBerry from RIM (Research In Motion headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario Canada has a true competitor in the horizon. It is very clear Apple is setting its sights on BlackBerry customers.

If you have not seen the Apple Iphone, you should check it out. The Apple iphone is really awesome. I so wish I could get it from a provider other that AT&T. What was apple thinking when they signed that deal with AT&T.

Earlier this year I presented at an event sponsored by the Canadian Government that took place in Quincy, MA. It was on doing business with Canada. Doing Business with Canada is a very easy thing to do, I might add.

I shared a Panel with an early employee at RIM (Research in Motion) corporation. That RIM employee told me a story that I still remember.

That in New York City there were so many BlackBerry phones trying to startup in the morning at once it was bringing cellular networks to their knees. To the point where BlackBerry had to modify how the phones work or risk crippling the Cellular networks of major cities.

So now you have apple going after a market that is dominated by RIM (Research in Motions) blackberry. What makes this really interesting is what the Venture Capital Firm of Kleiner Perkins did. They set up a 100 Million dollar fund for companies that are going to build applications for the IPHONE.

To read Apple’s iPhone just got a big iBoost from Silicon Valley venture capital firm

To quote the Washington post article

“Apple’s iPhone just got a big iBoost from Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, which said it has set up a $100 million fund for investments in companies focused on developing applications and services just for the iPhone and iPod.

John Doerr, the pioneering partner of KPCB announced the fund at a Apple software developer meeting at the company, saying: “A revolutionary new platform is a rare and prized opportunity for entrepreneurs, and that’s exactly what Apple has created with iPhone and iPod touch.”

He said the fund, which the firm is naming its “iFund,” will create several companies surrounding the iPhone and iPod. Apple said today that it has 28% of the smartphone market. In January, the company said it had sold four million iPhones, according to reports.”

Kleiner Perkins has some really smart people there. Ray Lane the past COO of oracle is there. Someone I have incredible respect for. On a personal note I hated to see Ray leave Oracle, I felt that was a very sad day for Oracle corporation. A day the company Oracle has never or will ever recover from.

What is clear to me, The Apple Iphone is only going to get better. Will we ever see an Oracle Database for the Apple Iphone. Who knows, what is clear the blackberry phone may go the way of the slide ruler if they are not careful.



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