When Bush Is No Longer President Constitution Still Empowers Him Block Subpoenas

I saw in interesting article that I wanted to share with you. The Democrats Plan to investigate the Bush administration. Yet it looks like Bush will still have power to block such a move even after he is out of the Presidency.

Lets face it, Bush may go down as one of the worst presidents in U.S. History. Only time will tell. I for one am glad we have change.  It cannot come fast enough. This reminds me of when there was a move to impeach President Nixon and President Ford Pardoned him.

President Ford Signs Nixon Pardon September 8, 1974

I hope president-elect Obama puts a stop to this fast. We have enough problems to solve in this country without this mess being dragged into it. Bush will be gone soon and we have a chance for change. Lets do the right things and put Politics aside for one. In times of National Crisis we have always been able to do this in the past.  As Americans now is the Time to Unite and get past all this.

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Democrats’ plans to investigate Bush administration may be blocked


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