Why Cloud Computing Is Like The Fashion Industry

Larry Ellison does it again. His latest comment is priceless!!!!!!

I saw this on CNET News…..

Oracle’s Ellison nails cloud computing

Posted by Dan Farber

Finally, a technology executive willing to tell the truth about cloud computing. Speaking at Oracle OpenWorld, Larry Ellison said that the computer industry is more fashion-driven than women’s fashion and cloud computing is simply the latest fashion. The Wall Street Journal quoted the Oracle CEO’s remarks:


The interesting thing about cloud computing is that we’ve redefined cloud computing to include everything that we already do. I can’t think of anything that isn’t cloud computing with all of these announcements. The computer industry is the only industry that is more fashion-driven than women’s fashion. Maybe I’m an idiot, but I have no idea what anyone is talking about. What is it? It’s complete gibberish. It’s insane. When is this idiocy going to stop?

“We’ll make cloud computing announcements. I’m not going to fight this thing. But I don’t understand what we would do differently in the light of cloud.”

To read the entire article….

  Cnet Article

Posted by Michael Corey




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