ZertoCon Observations Shared by a First Timer

ZertoCon Observations Shared by a First Timer

In this blog post I will share by ZertoCon Observations. For those of you who follow my blog, you will know I  recently took a new position at Spectrum Enterprise Navisite as the Cloud Computing Evangelist. In this Position, I was asked to attend ZertoCon 2017 held in Boston. Zerto is a vendor that I keep hearing about in the cloud space, but have never worked with the product first hand. The first thing I did when I attended the ZertoCon 2017 conference asked the people sitting next to me in the different sessions what they thought about the Zero product? What they did or did not like about Zero? Was the Zerto product Fast or Slow? Howhard was Zerto to use?

ZertoCon Oberservations


You can learn a lot about a product by asking the users at a conference. Here are some of the responses I received.

The Product is Amazing

They are 100% focused on making Zerto easier to use

The nicest thing about the Zerto environment when you do a test, it’s in its own sandbox. We can do testing all the time

The response is Lightning Fast

It’s so fast because they use Continuous Replication

Previous Solutions needed too much Bandwidth

One of my first ZertoCon Observations, there was a real love of the product throughout the different customers I talked with at the ZertoCon 2017 Boston conference and that the customers I spoke with were incredibly loyal to the product. Another of my ZertoCon Observations I made was this love of the product and company was shared by the many employees I talked with. The employees were proud of the company and the Zero product.

This was also the feeling internally at Spectrum Enterprise Navisite who has partnered with Zerto for a number of years. The product does the jobs it designed to do and does it quite well. The Spectrum Navisite team likes the ease of use of the product, how easy it is to use and test. In my experience it’s critical you test any business continuity solution you use in-house. The testing should be more than a once a year event.

Support Toolz: Troubleshoot Like a Boss

One of the presentations that I attended was Support Toolz: Troubleshoot Like a Boss. One of the  ZertoCon Observations I made was the team presenting were willing to share the facts. Too many times vendors want to fill us full of marketing speak at technical sessions. The team here answered all questions with a direct answer. They were also listening to the audience for guidance on what they wanted to see from future Zerto releases. Here are some quotes I took away from the session.

Delta Sync occurs when Zerto needs to verify the consistency (Protected) of the source and recovery disks

Decompression of I/Os does not take up as many CPU cycles as compression

Improving CPU utilization and compression rates: Increasing numbers of cores from 1 to 2

Remote Log collection only outbound connection, Limited Access – no Security worry

Remote Log collection: Terminates after case is closed – No Security worries

zPerf – Tests for effective available bandwidth between the VRAs and maximum TCP Socket Allocation

zCPerf – Designed for a cloud scheme, which runs from the ZCC

iPerf – Can be used to measure the available bandwidth between ZVMs

Real World Panel: The Why and the Learnings from Johnson & Wales University’s VM Replications to the Navisite VMware Cloud





I attended this session to see my new Company Spectrum Enterprise Navisite from a customers and partner perspective. One of the reasons Navisite was chosen as a vendor was “because they had a solid Native VMware Environment“.  VMware vSphere is a great virtualization platform. It’s the only platform in the world, that has ever tested 3 Oracle RAC Databases on 3 separate physical hosts under heavy load, having all three vMotioned at the same time, without it breaking down.  I can fully understand why a customer would see this as a huge reason to choose a vendor.

The other comment that struck home “We selected Navisite was because they said yes. They were amenable to our requirements”.  It’s important to work with vendors that take the time to understand your business, not try to make your business conform to the product they offer.

The last quote I am sharing made my day. “With Navisite we built a virtual private cloud an extension of our data center“.  That is the best quote any vendor could hear.

ZertoCon Power Session









The last session I attended was ZertoCON 2017 Awards. To me, it was the ZertoCon Power Session. They had a number of industry analysts on stage talking about the industry. On stage were John Morency (Gartner), Stephanie Balaourar (Forrester Research), Henry Baltazar (451 Research) and Col. Alan Berry (CVS Health).  Here are a few of my favorite comments.

Ease of use is no longer a good to have, it’s a must have

Tools have to get easier to use for us to continue to move forward

The ability of an organization to deliver on its grand promise no matter what the obstacles

Things need to be resilient by design

Things have changed from protect and serve to protect and respond

Disaster recovery as a service has been with us for 10 years. In the classic sense, successful

Disaster recovery as a service 10 years later –Storage platform more complex today.

I have clients that won’t trigger the DR plan, they don’t have confidence they will work – Lucky to test once a year. 

 One of the challenges organizations have is how quick can they get their business up after an attack

 We need ease of use so we can react fast

 People want a single platform that can provide the service levels they need.

 Give the security vendor different scenarios and asked them how they would support you

Cloud make things easier and also complicates it.

Ultimately you cannot defer liability, you are still liable for your data even if it’s hosted in a cloud.

In the Military, we have a saying. You can delegate your authority not your responsibility 

We don’t frequently test enough or test real scenarios

 One of the biggest risks in Business Continuity is third party risk. Have them participate in the test

 Key risk indicators are actually conditions on if they occur

I was only at ZertoCon 2017 in Boston for one day. As you can see, I had many ZertoCon Observations. Next year if I am able to attend, I will make sure its for every day of the conference.


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