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VMworld 2017 USA

Monster VMs (Database Virtualization) with vSphere 6.5: Doing IT Right (VIRT1309BU)

At VMworld 2017 Monster VMs (Database Virtualization) with vSphere 6.5: Doing IT Right (VIRT1309BU) made Top-10 Both at VMworld 2017 USA and VMworld 2017 EMEA






VMware vSphere 6.5 has made a lot of changes to enhance the performance of Monster virtual machines (VMs). Databases by their very nature are the classic Monster VMs. If Monster VMs are not virtualized properly, they will never perform well and can negatively impact the performance of other VMs on the hosts. In this presentation, we will teach you how to properly virtualize Monster VMs/databases with vSphere 6.5. We will discuss why you should virtualize and take a look at some installation issues as well as how to architect for performance in terms of vSphere 6.5 specifics, including the storage layer, the processor, memory considerations, and the network layer. Topics will also include NUMA, memory reservations, and how to avoid common mistakes. These lessons will help you optimize any workload you are virtualizing.

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SQL Saturday #628 Baton Rouge, Lousiana, United States

Trends in the Cloud






After 11 years of existence, the cloud industry would have you believe it is a mature, stable industry that is safe and secure to take your business to. Yet, the secret the insiders in the know is caveat emptor: Let the buyer beware. This presentation covers the state of the cloud today, lessons learned from the early adopters, the new role of cloud keeper, and what to know in advance to create a successful cloud deployment. It ends with a checklist you can use ensure you choose a cloud provider that can meet your needs.


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SQL Family is Strong in Baton Rouge



 Monster VMs Doing IT Right VIRT8209

Monster VMs Doing IT Right VIRT8209 was a top 10 presentation at VMworld 2016 (Both on Tuesday & Thursday). For a numbers of  years when I present at VMworld I have made top 10. Its great to have an audience that appreciates the fact I am trying to make it fun and at the same time share a lot of great technical information on vSphere virtualization.

Monster VMs Doing IT Right – TOP 10 VMworld 2016

Monster VMs Doing IT Right VIRT8209 - VMworld Top 10 Virt8290r

Over the last few years I have co-presented with some great speakers on the topic of Database Virtsualization (Both Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle) and Monster VMs Virtsualization. On this topic my co-presenters have included:

Don Sullivan, VMware @dfsulliv, Jeff Szastak, VMware @szastak

This year I asked David Klee, Heraflux @kleegeek to join me. David was a tremendous asset to the presentation and a real pleasure to work with. Joining me is this presentation is a lot of work and I really appreciate Davids help and more importantly helping to make sure Monster VMs Doing IT right continues the winning streak of being a VMworld Top 10 Presentation. Given the quality and caliber of speakers at VMworld 2016 this is not an easy feat. Both David and I are looking forward to taking this presentation to VMworld 2016 in Barcelona.

This presentation is based upon the best selling books Virtualizing SQL Server with VMware: Doing IT Right (VMware Press Technology). I would encourage you to consider the purchase of this book and its sister book Virtualizing Oracle Databases on vSphere (VMware Press Technology)

Monster VM Books

Both these books complement each other and are a very useful to have on hand as you go through the slide deck for Monster VMs Doing IT Right VIRT8290R.

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Monster VMs Doing IT Right VIRT8290R

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Lessons Learned When Choosing A Cloud Provider (Updated 06/20/16)

AWS Avoids Liability

This presentation was first given at the Data Summit in New York City. It was a very successful presentation. It was written up on the Forbes website in an article 21 Questions To Ask Your Cloud Computing Provider, Before You Sign by Joe McKendrick. The most recent version of this presentation was done for the Tech Summit in Washington DC and Boston MA.

For an industry that is 10 years old, even in 2016 AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, and Verizon Cloud still have outages that have taken down companies such as Netflix, Amazon, and Reddit and temporarily put them out of business.

These outages and other issues have forced these early adopters to the cloud to rethink their cloud strategies. What is even more disturbing Amazon Web Services tells companies that they should move everything to the cloud, and yet The Wall Street Journal disclosed that Amazon does not follow its own advice of being 100% cloud. This session discusses recent cloud trends, the lessons learned from these events, and what it means to you as a buyer moving forward as you migrate to the cloud.

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6 Steps To Follow When Your DBA Exits Your Company

DBA Departure Guide

It could happen at any moment. Your database administrator (DBA) — possibly the only person who knows what’s going on in your database environment — disappears. Whether it is because of an accident, an illness, a resignation, or a termination; whether it is short term or for good — your business is in trouble without a DBA at the helm of your database environment. If your database goes down, the applications your organization uses to conduct business can grind to a halt. Given the risk to your business, it is prudent to have a plan in place ahead of time to deal with the unexpected loss of a DBA. Download Ntirety’s eBook for the steps to follow when your DBA exits your company.

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The Vanishing Database Administrator – Survey

DBA Job Stressors




The Vanishing Database Administrator: Survey of Data Professionals’ Career Aspirations, was produced by Unisphere Research and sponsored by Ntirety.Unisphere Research is the market research unit of Unisphere Media, a division of Information Today, Inc., publishers of Database Trends and Applications magazine and the 5 Minute Briefing newsletters.

This survey is loaded with lots of good data. Learn what are the primary job stressors of the of your DBA’s. Did you know

41% of data professionals intend to leave the data management field within the next 10 years

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Database Virtualization (Monster VM) – vSphere 6

SQL Satuday Austin #461




This presentation was given at SQL Saturday Austin #461. The presentation is based upon a top 10 presentation “Virtualizing Databases: Doing IT Right given” at VMworld last year in Barcelona and the US. In this presentation we will teach you how to properly virtualize any business critical application with specifics on databases and VMware newest release vSphere 6.0. A database is a very resource intensive by its very nature a monster VM and one of the most resource intensive applications you will ever virtualize. If it is not done correctly you will not be successful. This presentation will teach you how to do it right. We will discuss why you virtualize a database, using the right hypervisor, installation, Architecting for performance, the storage layer, the processor, Memory considerations, the network layer. Topics include NUMA, Memory reservations, Network details to how to avoid common mistakes. Special Thanks to Jeff Szastak, Don Sullivan, David Klee and Kanan Mani who helped in the creation of this presentation.

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Virtualizing Databases: Doing IT Right – The Sequel

VAPP1318 Database Virtualization VMworld







Virtualizing Database Doing IT Right – The SeQueL  was given at both VMworld Europe and VMworld USA. It was a top 10 presentation at VMworld. This was a collaboration of  Michael Corey, President of Ntirety and Jeff Szastak, VMware, Inc.

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Virtualizing SQL Server 2012: Doing IT Right

NEVMUG Winter Warmer






A SQL Server database is a resource intensive application, and thus requires attention to its implementation on a vSphere platform. Attend this technical session to learn how to properly virtualize SQL Server on a vSphere platform. This presentation is the joint work of Michael Corey of Ntirety and Jeff Szastak of VMware.

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Ten Tough Tasks for Oracle Performance Management

Veritas Architect Network
This white paper examines the top 10 most puzzling performance problems and tools for DBAs to spot and correct problems before they happen.

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