A Hug Machine When You Need it Most

Its Amazing what people think of. Here are 10 Gadgets that will bring you pleasure and guess what they are not X-Rated. My favorite was the Hug Machine?.


10 Gadgets That Provide Perpetual Pleasure

By Sean Fallon

Hug Machine: Everyone needs a hug now and then. Unfortunately, not everyone knows someone willing to fulfill that need. The Hug Machine (or Squeeze Box) is designed to help hypersensitive people (usually autistic) relax by applying deep pressure. The users lies, or squats between the boards and controls an air compressor that “applys deep pressure stimulation evenly across the lateral parts of the body.” [Wikipedia]

























The Hug Vest: Basically, the Hug Vest is a portable, wearable version of the hug machine. Users can inflate air bladders within the vest at a push of a button to simulate the feeling of a hug. [Theraputicsystems]

Endless Banana: Do you find the act of peeling a banana pleasurable? Me neither, but the Japanese do apparently. That is why they created a toy that simulates the experience?right down to the sound. That’s right…the SOUND. Actress Saki Fujita was assigned with the daunting task of recording what a peeling banana sounds like. [kilian-nakamura via Link]


Yes Bubble wrap was on the list. This was a great article. To see the entire article on GOZMODO….

10 Gadgets That Provide Perpetual Pleasure 10 Gadgets That Provide Perpetual Pleasure


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