Apple Lion OS X Meet Your Kissing Cousin Windows Vista


Stay Tuned: Calling Apple Support

Apple Lion 10.7 Meet Your Kissing Cousin Windows Vista

What to Do About It

As a Database Professional I know Better. In the back of my mind, I keep hearing the words…..

I told you so

I told you so

I told you so

I first hand how important it is not to be on the bleeding edge. Yet here I am. But it was Apple. The company that does it right in so many ways. I did not relaize I was dealing with the greedy Apple, the bad Apple.

bleeding edge resized 600

Well My desire to be on the latest and greatest Mac Lion OS made me do it. Instead of calling it Lion, I think FAT CAT comes to mind.

let me say that again. FAT CAT.

Well I placed it on my Macbook Pro.



I use this picture with the FAT CAT, to remind me of all the money Apple is making.


My Macbook Pro has the following…

Processor 2.66 GHz intel core i7

Memory 8GB 1067 MHz DDR3

So to be clear my Macbook pro has plenty of memory and a fast CPU. Its not the machine I am running on.



When I went out to the online apple store today. I saw they are still selling MAC OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. At least they have pulled it off the shelf for a while. I was wrong, you can still buy both. What does that tell you ?


This is Apple’s Vista. That is why I think of the two operating systems as kissing cousins. Just like Microsoft made the mistake of releasing Vista too soon, Apple put new LION OS ?out before it was really ready. Yet I was the one who put myself on the bleeding edge. This is self inflicted pain.

What To Do Now

Repair Disk/Permissions

Here are the two things I have done that seem to have helped a lot. The first is to make sure the drive has no error or permission problems. To do this you must run the Disk Utility Program. In the Pre-LION days, you would put the O/S install disk in the machine. That is not an option now. You must reboot the Machine, while holding down the “Option” Key.

When the apple comes back, you will have the option to choose the Recovery Drive or the Other Hard Drive. Mine is called Macintosh which I beleive is the default.

Mac Option Reboot resized 600

You want to choose the Recovery HD. ?You will then be able to choose the Disk Utility Option.

MAC OS Utilities

From there then choose the correct hard drive partition. Then run “repair Disk”. After that run “Repair Disk Permissions”.

Mac Repair Options

Reset The System Caches

The next item I did to help fix the issue, was reset all the system caches. Reboot Yout Computer While Holding Down “Option”, “Command”, “P”, “R” Keys. I let it beep at me twice before I let go. After I did this, my machines performance was substantailly improved.

Lesson learned by a database guy the hard way again. Never Never Never be on the bleeding edge.

Stay Tuned Calling Apple Support – August 10

For the record, apple support is a class act. They are the Role Model of how a support organization should work. Polite easy to work with. Very Apologetic. We are working through the issue now… Stay Tuned

Well, its been quite the experience. Through it all Apple Support was awesome. I am not happy with the solution, but I was treated with respect and apple support is awesome. Everyone was great, they cared and we tried a bunch of things.

The net result, I decided to rebuild my computer and reinstall everything. Once I did that it started to perform great. It was like tryng to find a needle in a hay stack what was causeing the problem. It just was not worth looking for any longer.


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