AWS Outage Takes Out Netflix, Experian, Yelp..

AWS Outage Takes Out Netflix, Experian, Yelp

AWS Cloud Goes Down

As I was surfing the Internet I came across Sean Hull’s (@hullsean) Article on his blog titled Is Amazon too big to fail?Two things jumped out at me. One I have met Sean, who is a really smart technologist. The second thing, its a great question. Is Amazon to big to fail?.

At the Hosting Customer Summit recently held in Denver, Co. One of the facts shared at the Hosting Customer Summit “AWS is bigger than the next 4 cloud infrastructure providers”.? So when Amazon goes down, for many it must have felt like the Internet itself had gone down. According to Thousand Eyes who did some investigation on the problem.? Amazon experienced a problem with how they route data over the network. To quote Sean Hulls blog article “When routing goes wrong at a provider like Amazon, the websites they host will go down too”.? For those who want to know more details the Thousand Eyes site does a really good job of explaining in some exactly what happened.

Why the AWS Outage was a Big Problem for Netflix

In Sean Hulls article he talks about how Netflix? deploys legions of Amazon servers to stream movies using Chaos Monkey. This open source suite allows them to remain resilient even if individual servers or components go offline. What really resonated with me was when Sean made the point “Yet a heavy reliance on Amazon itself, meant a wider outage for them was also an outage for Netflix”.

To quote Sean speaking on AWS dominance “What is the downside of such dominance? What happened yesterday illustrates it clearly. When Amazon goes down, so do financial companies like Experian,

One of the themes of this Years Hosting Customer Summit was Unified Cloud.

Unified Cloud

We all know the first-hand dangers when one vendor has a such a monopoly on an industry. Well the Unified Cloud is your best defense against vendor lock-in.

A Unified Cloud integrates private and public-cloud deployments, providing users with a centralized way to manage it all. This means today that Hosting Customer can look at a given workload, put it on the right platform, at the right time? and all in a safe secure manner. They might have some workloads on Amazon AWS, other workloads on Microsoft Azure and other workloads on a private cloud. The Customer put the pieces of the infrastructure puzzle together the way that best support their organization in the most efficient manner with one throat to choke and one place to manage it all.

Unified Cloud is available today!? ! ! So in this case, it would only be prudent for a vendor to spread some of it’s workload across multiple suppliers.

Unified Cloud prevents Vendor lock-in.?

Unified Cloud prevents being taken out of business for a while when your one vendor experiences a major outage.

Unified Cloud

Andy Schroepfer the Hosting Chief Strategy Officer, has a whitepaper I would suggest you take a look at.? The Defining White Paper for the Unified Cloud.

To me a Hosting Unified Cloud is a business strategy that just makes sense.

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