Blatant Advertisement for Ntirety (Come on– I had to!)

This post is admittedly self-serving, since it highlights the services my company offers. Neverthless, I believe that it provides a useful perspective which is directly related to the theme of this blog: all things “Database Administration as a Service (Remote DBA)”. 

The presentation is filled with information that I believe you will find interesting and, hopefully, a bit entertaining, too. Some of what this covers is how hard it is to manage a data base properly and why no one person can run the whole show.  These are themes I have been talking about, and blogging about, for years.  If all the pressure is on one person, they run the risk of burn-out with 7 x 24 x 365 uptime demands. DBAs need sleep too!  So, check out “Your DBA Deserves a Good Night Sleep” and stay tuned for more posts soon. 

Mike Corey

Founder & CEO, Ntirety

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