Can Oracle successfully assimilate Sun?

This is a great article on Oracle purchase of Sun. Its come all the way from Express Computer. A weekly publication in India. it was written by Akhtar Pasha.

Here is the opening  of the Article. With a link back to the entire article at the end. 

Can Oracle successfully assimilate Sun?

Oracle finds itself on a sticky wicket after gobbling up Sun Microsystems. While the rationale of the deal is quite clear, Oracle bought Sun for Java and Solaris, questions remain vis-?-vis MySQL and Sun?s hardware business. Akhtar Pasha writes that this mammoth acquisition could prove to be Oracle?s toughest deal yet

Oracle?s announcement that it would acquire Sun took many industry observers by surprise. The database giant has offered little detail on how it intends to achieve the $1.5 billion in first-year operating profit that it has promised investors. While Oracle?s interest in Java and Solaris has been widely discussed and publicized, the company declined to participate in this story citing the fact that the deal is still pending approval. Even otherwise, Oracle has not been forthcoming on critical aspects of the deal, namely, the future of MySQL and what it intends to do about Sun?s hardware business. Customers, analysts and the financial community all have their own doubts at this point of time.

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Can Oracle successfully assimilate Sun?

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