Collaborate15 April 12-15 – Las Vegas (Be There or Bust)


Collaborate15 – My Notice Just Arrived

As a speaker, one of the hardest things you deal with is waiting to see if you?re selected. You come up with a good idea, and then you wait to see if the conference selection committee agrees with you and then chooses from the many other good proposals they received.? To top is all off we all have know many a good speaker who have not been chosen.? So here I am it?s coming to end of November and I wondering:

Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Collaborate15















Let me add one more thought. I had just got off the phone with a friend of mine who is a very seasoned speaker whose paper had not been selected for Collaborate15. So I open the first of two emails with trepidation.? The first words I read:


Congratulations! Your session proposal, 261 Trends in Database Administration and how it is transforming the DBA, was accepted by the IOUG Conference Committee.

As I open the second email I see:

Congratulations! Your session proposal, 260 Virtualizing Databases: Doing IT Right, was accepted by the IOUG Conference Committee.

Woo Hoo

I have been honored to have both my proposals accepted.

261 Trends in Database Administration and how it is transforming the DBA


I am really excited to give this presentation on “Trends in Database Administration and how it is transforming the DBA”.? This is a presentation I first started to give over 10 years ago. This presentation no longer looks the original presentation I gave it. In this presentation I walk through the History of DBA’s and then how the Database administration role continues to transform.

The DBA transformation is being caused by a number of social, economical and technological changes that are happening all around us. By understanding these changes, as a Manager or as a line DBA you will be better equipped to deal with the transformation that is happening to database administration.

Ask yourself what impact will a Pure Storage array have on the day-to-day job of a DBA. What impacts will a Hyper converged infrastructure like Nutanix have on the DBA. ?Did you know over 40% of data professionals intend to leave the data management field within 10 year according Unisphere Research ?The Vanishing Database Administrator: Survey of Data Professionals Career Aspirations?.? This and many other social impacts will be discussed in this presentation.


41% DBAS to Change Professions

260 Virtualizing Databases: Doing IT Right

The other presentation Titled 260 Virtualizing Databases: Doing IT Right” is on how to Virtualize Databases. Notice I don?t say virtualize Oracle, I don?t say Virtualize Microsoft SQL Server, I call it virtualizing databases. In fact any business critical application like SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Microsoft?Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server to an Oracle database is covered. The concepts and techniques will work for all of them. This presentation is based upon a presentation I gave at VMworld that made the top 10 presentations given there. Making the TOP-10 at VMworld is not an easy thing to do. A lot of great information is shared in this presentation. I hope you take the time to attend.

Collaborate15 – Be there or Bust

Vegas or Bust Collaborate15

Collaborate15 is being held in Las Vegas from April 12-15th at Mandalay Bay. This is a great event coupled with a great location to hold a conference. This is one event that covers the entire Oracle Application, Database and development suite. Its run by the Oracle user community which means less of the Marketing message and more of what you need to know to be successful with Oracle suite of Products and Technologies. The Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG), The Application Oracle Users Group (OAUG) and the Quest International Oracle Users Group (QUEST) run this event.
The Products covered by this event include:

Oracle Product User Group
Agile OAUG
Demantra OAUG
E-Business Suite OAUG
Essbase IOUG
Engineered Systems IOUG
Fusion Middleware IOUG
Hyperion Applications OAUG
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Quest
JD Edwards World Quest
Oracle Database (e.g., 12c) IOUG
Oracle Fusion Applications OAUG/Quest
Oracle Utilities Quest
PeopleSoft Quest
Primavera OAUG/Quest
WebCenter IOUG

This is my favorite conference to attend when it comes to Oracle technologies and products. I make it a point to go each and every year. Hope I see you there

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