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I have been working with Oracle database since version 3. In my career I have tried hard to try keep up with the trends in the marketplace. I was an early adopter of a number of key technologies because I kept my eyes on where the market place was headed. I am an avid reader and try to identify those publications that have solid content and insight on where technology is headed.

I have really been impressed with the quality of the articles and information I have found in Database Trends and Applications. Its one of the few publications I read on an ongoing basis. I feel a real strength of Database Trends and Application magazine is its research data and its ability to help me spot trends in my marketplace early on.

I have really enjoy the articles by Craig S. Mullins. I hope to run into Craig one of these days at an event and let him know first hand how much I enjoy his articles. I like the fact that Craig gets his hands dirty on DBA issues and is not afraid to share his opinions. Another favorite of mine is Steve Lemme of CA. Steve Lemme is not in every issue, but I have enjoyed many of his articles in the past.

The Most recent issue had an article by Foster Hinshaw The article was titled ?Appliances Take their place in the Data Warehouse Market?. Foster is the CEO of Dataupia. I was lucky enough to have a very long talk with Foster a few months ago. I was given a one on one deep dive on his technology. In my Opinion Dataupia is a company to watch. If I were building a Data Warehouse today I would take a very hard look at the Data warehouse appliance approach. A friend of mine at a very large health care provider uses an appliance for their data warehouse with amazing results. That is how I first became aware of the Technology and sought out Foster Hinshaw to learn more. As you can tell I am not shy. Foster Hinshaw at Dataupia was kind of enough to meet with me. My meeting was very productive and I am now a convert to the Data Warehouse appliance.

My company Ntirety uses a proprietary appliance in the way we deliver our Remote Database Administration services with amazing results. Judge for yourself near perfect client satisfaction and retention for 6 years running. It?s a combination of great DBA?s and our proprietary appliance that make this possible.

Over the years I have presented on technology topics all over the world. I got away from it for a few years and I am now getting back into it. You will see my most recent article in the latest addition of DBTA. I chose this publication because I felt they have done an excellent job of providing their readership with trends in the marketplace. In my opinion Remote Database Administration is one such trend that is here to stay. The Baby Boomers will just help accelerate this trend.

We all know the Job of IT is getting harder and harder. We are expected to do more with less money and resources. And do it in a world that demands 7X24 access to technology. Which means we need to be able to think out of the box or we will not succeed. That is why Database Trends and Applications is on my must read list.

Database Trends and Applications


By Michael Corey, Ntirety

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