Day 1 VMware Expert Database Workshop #VMWSQL

Day 1 VMware Expert Database Workshop #VMWSQL

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It was a long day of travel for many of us. Here are a few pictures from the night before as many of us met old friends while others of us made new friends.

























A group of us had a chance to check out the city last night. Here is my favorite picture of the City of Sofia tour. It was funny being from Boston, Massachusetts and providing a quick tour of Sofia Bulgaria to the newly arrived.















Day 1 VMware Expert Database Workshop SQL Edition (#VMWSQL) happened today. We all started to gather in the hotel lobby starting around 6:30 a.m. The first bus left for the VMWare Sofia Bulgaria office at 7:00 a.m. It feels good to be part of the first Expert Database Workshop SQL Edition ever held outside the U.S. The VMWare Bulgaria Office in Sofia has been an amazing HOST. The level of care they have given us has been amazing.

The countries represented here at Day 1 VMware Expert Database workshop include

Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Kosovo, Netherlands, Norway, Poland,?Slovenia, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States

List Newest Inductees into VMWare Expert Database Workshop SQL Edition

Here is the list of the latest inductees into the VMware Expert Database Workshop SQL Edition (#VMWSQL) ?to the program:

Andre Kamma ? ? ? ? ? ?

Mladen Prajdic???????????

Mark Broadbent?????????

Jennifer Stirrup??????????

Uwe Ricken

Klaus Aschenbrenner?

Margarita Naumova

Maciej Pilecki

Gianluca Hotz????????????

Dukagjin Maloku???????????????????

Chris Adkin

William Durkin

Jody Roberts??????????????????????????

Michael Mateev

Don Sullivan Kicks Off The Event

Don Sullivan started out the morning by discussing the Expert Database Workshop program and its history which goes back to 2013. Don then took the time to introduce everyone. Here is Don introducing me to the group.


The Fundamentals of Running and Monitoring SQL Server in the SDDC

David Klee from Heraflux and myself did the first presentation in the morning.

Klee Corey VMWSQL

vSphere Core: CPU, Memory & vSphere features

Kalin Tsvetkov, Staff Engineer 2, vCenter Bulgaria

kalin-tsvetkov VMWSQL








Executive Welcome & Presentation

Ventsislav Potchekansk, Sr. Director, R&D, MBU vCAC Dev VMware

ventsislav potchekansk vmware








NSX and vSphere Networking Fundamentals

Ivaylo F. Ivanov?Staff System Engineers Advanced Solution Engineering VMware

Antony Stefanov Staff System Engineers Advanced Solution Engineering VMware

Niran Even Chen GFPR – PSO Enablement COE, Staff Solutions Architect, GTS Marketing VMware













SQL Server in the Cloud

Denny Cherry, Denny Cherry and Associates

Denny Cherry VMWSQL








vMotion, Distributed Resource Scheduler

Valentin Bondzio, Senior Staff Technical Support Engineer, PREM GSS Cory Ireland

Valentin Bondzio VMWSQL








VMware vSphere Storage Fundamentals

Mohan Potheri, Sr. Solutions Architect -Technical Marketing, CPBU_PM_PMM

mohan potheri vmwsql








Tintri and SQL Server

Rob Girard, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, Tintri

rob girard tintri
Rob Girard Tintri








Favorite Quotes of the Day

That?s Tintri They do Storage ? Its your Job to try and break it

“All the tuning to the tintri storage this week will be done automatically”

A Limit is a restriction on a resource even if its available

Avoid hypervisor swapping at all costs

NUMA-? The glue between the CPU and Memory Scheduler

Even my grandmother can sell virtualization

vMotion the ability to migrate a running virtual machine from one physical host to another without any interruption

There is a lot of room for innovation in virtualization and VMware is leading the market.

Transparency ? that it?s being virtualized becomes irrelevant. We have it.

VMXNET3 is the only driver you should use.

Know your infrastructure different clouds configure things differently

Each provider has different throttling and configuration requirements

Disks are throttled at most cloud providers

DRS where things need to run if something fails

If you want throughput you have to throw hardware at it.

Encrypted vMotion within 5% of non-Encrypted vMotion

DRS Assumes all the resources of the VM will be fully utilized.

I particularly hate IOPS, not a good measurement. It like looking at the RPMs of your engine, what does it tell you about the car

At Tinti just drop them all in, we will do the right thing by them

On Tintri protection policy is per VM

A Few More Pictures From The Day










































































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