Day 1 VMware Experts Program Oracle Edition

Day 1 VMware Experts Program Oracle Edition

It is Day 1 VMware Experts Program Oracle Edition. This room was filled with numerous Oracle experts with quite a few with over twenty years experience working with the Oracle Database. Here is the list of invited attendees.

Johannes Ahrends

Yann Allandit

Zahid Anwar @ZedDBA?

Niki Christopher

Carl Dudley

Tim Hall ?@oraclebase

Heli Helskyaho?@helifromfinland

Frits Hoogland

Mikhail Kirpichev @KirpichevM

Martin Klier?@MartinKlierDBA

Jan Timmermann

Day 1 VMware Experts Program

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Introduction and History

The VMware Elite Database Workshop Program was started in 2013 as a collaborative effort between the Cloud Platform Business Unit, then referred to as vSphere Product Marketing team and the VMware Global Center of Excellence. The program brings together database and certain applications experts in a variety of database and application disciplines at VMware in Palo Alto (Now globally) to meet with VMware and partner personal from the highest level executives to the engineers who architect the platform and write code. A variety of open discussions and exercises facilitate an intense learning environment leading to the expansion of a broader community of database experts who have extensive knowledge of VMware virtualized infrastructure.

Karen Egan VMware Vice President Support, NSX GSS, GSS – Executive & G&A ?

Karen Egan VMware







Karen Egan VMware Vice President Support discussed the diversity?of the team at VMware Ireland with people on staff from over 52 different nationalities. Karen discussed?the strong relationship VMware has developed with the local colleges and community discussing the many succesfull programs that have today.

The VMware Vision?Any Application, Any Device on Any Cloud

SDDC (Software Defined Data Center) Built on Vshpere, NSX, and vSAN?

With vSphere?you can manage, secure your applications across multiple clouds

Virtualization is the core of what is happening in the cloud today.

Traditional?Silos, very difficult to continue like that

It is recognized that business?critical applications are going to be virtualized?

The more you want to automate, the more you need to abstract?

Carl McQuillan, Pure Storage VP, EMEA SE & Customer Success

Carl McQuillan Pure Storage








Spinning disks is?technology that is over 50 years old

We wanted to pivot the economics of storage, we wanted to make flash cheaper

Database Applications the largest use case within Pure Storage

Everything can be consolidated today in a flash environment

100% NVMe Enterprise All-Flash Array

Data is no longer generated by humans, its generated by machine

Solid State fails?1000 times less than disk

Pure wanted to bring Moore’s law to the storage industry?

During Day 1 VMware Experts Program Oracle edition someone talked about pure storage offering storage arrays at the speed of intel.?

Valentin Bondzio, VMware Senior Staff Technical Support Engineer

Valentin Bondzio VMware








Valentin did a great presentation on?VMware vSphere Core & SDDC – vMotion, The Decoupling of the Server and the Host. Loved this history of vMotion Valentin shared at Day 1 VMware Experts Program Oracle edition.

  • ESX 2.0 vMotion
  • ESX 5.1 VMotion without shared storage
  • ESX 6.0 Long Distance vMotion
    • 150 ms network round trip time (RTT)
    • 250 MBPS minimum?recommended?network bandwidth
  • ESX 6.5 Encrypted?vMotion

vMotion comes at a cost.

vMotion is much more efficient in vSphere?6.5 ?

The more Nics you give vMotion, the faster it will go?

Yvonne Murphy, VMware Staff Technical Support Engineer,

GSC – Global Support Center EMEA

Oracle on VMware “One Woman’s Journey”

Yvonne Murphy


Somu Rajarathinam Pure Storage

Solutions Architect at Pure Storage

Somu Rajarathinam Pure Storage








My favorite quote from Somu Rajarathinam was “You cannot claim it is a backup if it is on the same storage”. ?Somu is a great presenter who really knows Pure Storage capabilities. Great presentor with a winning product.

Alex Infanzon Pure Storage

Applications Solution Manager

Alex Infanzon Pure Storage








Alex Infanzon showed us the Pure Storage Manual. It was one page.

Pure Storage was purpose built for cloud and flash-storage

Pure storage has inline data deduplication

At Pure Storage, we manage in terms of writes

Pure Storage is always encryption at rest

Does not matter if it’s 1TB or 10TB, it takes the same amount of time for a snap shot with Pure Storage

You cannot claim its a backup if it is in the same storage

At Pure Storage, we do global level De-Duplication

Sudhir Balasubramanian VMware

Sudhir Balasubramanian
Sudhir Balasubramanian

Mohan Potheri?VMware

Mohan Potheri
Mohan Potheri

Dean Bolton VLSS (Creators of License Fortress)

Dean Bolton
Dean Bolton

Oracle on vSphere on Pure Storage Cloud based Labs


























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