Day 2 VMware Experts Program Oracle Edition

Day 2 VMware Experts Program Oracle Edition

Day 2 VMware Experts Program Oracle Edition with Pure Storage was off the another early start. The bus leaves for at 7:00 am every morning to the VMware Cork Ireland campus. Pictured below are this year’s?attendees.


Day 2 VMware Experts Programs

Yvonne Murphy?VMWare Global Support Services – Oracle

Gabi Rosell?VMWare Global Support Services – Oracle

The Best Oracle Support Team on Earth

Yvonne Murphy vmware
Yvonne Murphy

Gabi Rosell
Gabi Rosell


Mission Statement VMware Oracle Support

  • To Support Oracle Databases on VMware Virtualized Environments
  • To Support Oracle Databases (Schemas) that are used for VMware Products
  • To Support other Oracle Applications on VMware virtualized environments

Access to the VMware Oracle Support team is no extra charge from your regular VMware?support contract. A typical problem takes 24-48 hours to resolve issues or determine the root cause.

?Dave Welch, House of Brick?CTO & Chief Evangelist

Oracle on vSphere Licensing

Dave Welch









In Day 2 VMware Experts program during License talk, Dave talked about the importance of only providing Oracle corporation the information they are entitled to through the license contract.

If you have no backup trial you have no backup

If you have no security trial, you have no business in the cloud?

“Processor: shall be defined as all processors where the Oracle programs are installed and or/running”

You cannot float cores on VMware CPU Affinity?

Four Oracle Rac Evaluation Criteria

  • <4 Minute SLA
  • Rac Rolling UPgrade Utilized
  • Oracle Notification Service Utilized
  • Horizontal scalability needed (> 400 GHZ)

Oracle on VMware One Stop Shop

Jad El-Zein VMware Principle Architect CMBU

vRelealize Automation 7.3

Jad El-Zein
Jad El-Zein









VMware is driving the ability for container workloads, hardening them and deploying them

Infrastructure needs to just happen

vRA defines, delivers, and governs the SDDC?

VMware is very quickly becoming known as the network virtualization company

Optimized Placement with vRA within the cluster

Shame Back your wasting resources and here is what it is costing you

VMware has also become the software defined networking company.


Andres Scherr, Sr. VMware Solutions Architect, Storage & Availability Unit,

Product Enablement vSAN PoC

vSphere Core Storage Fundamentals

Andres Scherr










The fastest protocol in the past was Fibre Channel

every application creates a block of storage that needs to be written or read

VMFS5 Provides on-disk block level locking

VMFS6 is available with vSphere 6.0

Use VMFS datastores whenever possible


  • if it is taking storage array-level snapshots
  • it is clustered to a physical machine
  • has large amounts of data that you do not want to convert into a virtual disk


Valentin Bondzio VMware

vSphere Core – vCPU Scheduler & Memory allocated to Virtual Machines

Troubleshooting in Virtual Environments for DBs from the GOS\vNUMA with

Valentin Bondzio
Valentin Bondzio


How memory is managed in virtual is different

I misunderstood for years until I understood it

A socket is not necessarily a NUMA node (Ie you can have two NUMA nodes on one socket)

vCPUs assigned to “NHN” (NUMA Home Node)

VMware vSphere assumes min. vNuma = 6

NUMA Clients (vCPUs + memory) are kept local to a home node

Don’t increase cores per socket to more cores than you have per socket.

Andreas Scherr VMware Senior Solution Architect

SABU – Product Enablement PoC for vSANvVol & vSAN

Andres Scherr









vVol and vSan are using the SBPM framework to control block/endpoints

Why Virtual Volumes – Storage management is too complex

Why Virtual Volumes – SLAs are too difficult to ensure

in vCenter Server, the storage containers are represented by virtual data stores?

Storage based policy management helps ensure virtual machines receive their required performance, capacity, ?and management?


Sudhir Balasubramanian VMware

Mohan Potheri VMware

Dean Bolton, VLSS

Oracle on vSphere on Pure Storage Cloud based Labs

Sudhir & Mohan







Dean Bolton
Dean Bolton














Day 1 VMware Experts Program Oracle Edition


VMware Experts Program Introduction and History

The VMware Elite Database Workshop Program was started in 2013 as a collaborative effort between the Cloud Platform Business Unit, then referred to as vSphere Product Marketing team and the VMware Global Center of Excellence. The program brings together database and certain applications experts in a variety of database and application disciplines at VMware in Palo Alto (Now globally) to meet with VMware and partner personal from the highest level executives to the engineers who architect the platform and write code. A variety of open discussions and exercises facilitate an intense learning environment leading to the expansion of a broader community of database experts who have extensive knowledge of VMware virtualized infrastructure.

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