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DBTA 100 2015 – Companies Matter Most in Data

On June 1, 2015 Database Trends and Applications released its DBTA 100 2015 – The Companies that matter most in Data. This is the 3rd year running that? Ntirety – A Division of Hosting has made this prestigious list.

Ntirety is being recognized once again based on its corporate vision of data management, its presence in the industry, its execution abilities, and its innovation in delivering products and services to the marketplace. Ntirety has been doing database managed services so long it owns a registered trademark on Database Administration as A Server?

As the founder of Ntirety its great to see how far we have come. When I first started this business we were focused on remote database administration of Oracle databases. A reflection of my roots going back to Oracle version 3. We quickly expanded the business into managed services of Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases. From that foundation of a business built around Database Administration Ntirety? expanded in two fundamental ways.

1. We developed Ntrust? our award winning proprietary database appliance. Ntrust? provided a secure database management platform that automated many of the routine task of database administration keeping costs low and quality of the service high. Today Ntrust? include self healing technology and we will continue to look for ways to expand its capabilities to provide our customers the very finest database managed services.

2. Based upon the needs of our customers we expanded our services beyond database administration. We began to offer full services consulting.? Today we offer everything from Database Administration to Database analytics.

Rather than rest on our success, as a company we continued to evolve. As we looked out in the marketplace a number of years ago it became very clear to us that virtualization was going to be the platform of choice for databases. Recognizing this fact, we made a huge investment in becoming the experts on database virtualization. Ntirety become one of the first companies in the world to earn VMwares Virtualization of Business Critical Applications?solution competency for Microsoft SQL Server, MS Exchange and Oracle databases. Today we do so many database consolidation and virtualization projects, that we have developed specialized software that facilitates the whole process.

Two areas of growth for us today at Ntirety is our? Database intrusion detection service and our? Database Governance? practice. Just as technology keeps evolving as a company we need to continue to evolved to help our customers.

As I reflect upon Ntirety achieving the DBTA 100 2015 – Companies that matter most in Data designation for a 3rd year in a row. I am excited about our prospects as a company more that ever before. About a year ago Ntirety was acquired by Hosting. Hosting is a premier provider of cloud infrastructure and services. When I look at the resources that are now available to Ntirety, through Hosting, I feel more excited over Ntirety future than ever before.

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Ntirety – A Division of Hosting


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