Everything to know about Virtualization for Oracle DBAs


The IOUG is gettng real on Virtualization. They are running a series of online Educattional events. Get Real with MySQL, Database, Virtualization, Security,?and BI IOUG 2011?Online Education Series

Get Real with MySQL, Database, Virtualization, Security,?and BI IOUG 2011?Online Education Series

IOUG’s inaugral Online Education Series was such a success in 2010 that we’re bringing it back in 2011!

Since we’re committed to equipping community users with the tools and mindshare to increase proficiencies in their everyday job roles, we’re presenting a year-round Online Education Series to provide members remote access to ‘unfiltered’ education from real customers.

The best part? All of this training comes straight to you. No travel. No time out of the office. Minimal conflicts with your schedule.

Save the date for the 2011 Webinars, each quarter being focused on a different topic:


July 27: 360 Degrees: Everything to know about Virtualization for Oracle DBAs
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. CT
Mike Ault
Tariq Farooq, BrainSurface

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Mike Ault


The?speakers will present, detail?and elaborate Comprehensive Concepts Overview, Insight, Recommendations, Best?Practices, Current Strategies, Pros?& Cons, Relevance/Role in Cloud Computing, Prevalent/Dominant Paradigms & Technologies and, a whole lot more about Virtualization as, it relates to Oracle DBAs.



August 24: Virtualizing Oracle Database Servers on VMware
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. CT
Bert Scalzo, PhD
George Trujillo, VMware

George Trujillo Jr

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The default platform for Oracle database servers is rapidly moving towards virtual machines. This is why virtualizing Oracle Databases on VMware is one of the largest growth areas in the IT industry. This presentation will show attendees the various virtualization alternative technologies and how virtualization works under the covers. The quality of service of database management improves significantly by running Database Servers in a VM.? Features such as vMotion, Storage vMotion, DRS /HA clusters and SRM ?will completely change how DBAs manage their database environments.? Best practices of virtualizing single instance and RAC instances will be covered.

September 21: Virtualized Oracle 11g/R2 RAC Database on Oracle VM: Methods/Tips
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. CT
Kai Yu, Oracle Solutions Engineering Lab, Dell Inc.

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Kai Yu
Virtualization technology provides the solution to enable the server partition and consolidation for improving the resource utilization and archiving the great flexibility and high availability. By combining with RAC technology, it provides the grid ready architecture to consolidate the data center infrastructure. This presenter covers the configuration of such an infrastructure based on Oracle VM and Oracle 11g R2 RAC. You will learn the? basic Oracle VM architecture and the tips and tricks of network and shared storage configuration on the multiple layers of virtual infrastructure to support 11g R2 RAC database deployment. The presentation will also discuss the various methods to provision 11g R2 RAC database on Oracle VM.

Get Real with MySQL, Database, Virtualization, Security,?and BI IOUG 2011?Online Education Series


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