First the IBM Era, Next The Microsoft Era is Google Next ?

I saw a blog entry the piqued my interest.  It was titled ?IBM, Microsoft & Google Eras of Computing? by Sridhar. It was posted may 2, 2008. I will have a link to it later in this article. The opening paragraph reads like this?.

?By now it is conventional wisdom to say that there was an IBM Era
of computing, then a Microsoft Era, and now we are in the Google Era. In this post, I will explain why Microsoft was not the ?next IBM? and why Google is not the ?next Microsoft? – there are significant qualitative differences among them, quite apart from their status as the dominant, era-defining players. Understanding that qualitative difference is crucial for third party vendors  like Zoho to thrive.?

I like this article because it makes you think. When I started my blog on remote database administration, I started to write entries like 7 deadly sins of database administration. What I realized quickly, yes I could write articles such as that and I will continue to do. I also want to draw into my Blog industry trends that are affecting us and along the way some fun items.

Database administration, as we know it is changing. That it?s important that we recognize that its changing and make good career decisions and good business decisions based on how it?s changing for ourselves and our business. I believe that Remote database administration is here to stay. That its part of an overall business strategy companies need to adopt to deal with the challenges surrounding database administration and more importantly help a company say more competitive in todays Internet enabled world that runs 7X24.

I would argue that software, as a service is here to stay. This blog that talks about the IBM era of computing, the Microsoft Era of computing and now the Google era of computing is worth reading. I am not sure I am ready to give up on Microsoft just yet. The article brings up some interesting thoughts. Given  that Microsoft just walked away from Yahoo makes this article very timely.

In this article he defines the IBM Era as?

?The original IBM mainframe era (in contrast to today?s IBM) was one of highly closed systems. IBM was not just the dominant player of the era, IBM was pretty much the entire ecosystem. There just wasn?t a lot of room for third parties to play in.?

He then goes on the define the Microsoft Era as?.

?In contrast to IBM, Microsoft was far more open, which indeed was the original reason for their success. Microsoft unleashed what I would call the semi-open era of computing. The acronym ISV (independent software vendor) came into its own during the Microsoft era. Indeed, Microsoft encouraged ISVs, provided fairly good support – up to a point.?

He defines the Google Era as?..

?Now the present Google era. Google has the genetic and cultural advantage of being born in an open source world, with a business model that is aligned with rather than antagonistic to open source. It reflects in how they conduct their ecosystem initiatives. Google Gears comes with one of the most liberal open source licenses (BSD license)??

To read the the article ?IBM, Microsoft, Google Eras of Computing? by Sridhar click here

I welcome people thoughts on this partical article. Do you see the Google Era coming upon us ? How does it effect datatbase administration as we know it ? What can we do to better prepare ourselves and our business for it ? Should we start the Ten count for Microsoft ? What are your thoughts on Microsoft walking away from Yahoo ?

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