Freeware Application Turns Ipod Music Player Into Phone

Its Amazing what is out on the Internet if you know where to look. I am an avid Ipod user. I use it every day. I have been thinking about getting an iphone. When I saw this latest article from the BBC News it immediately caught my attention.

Wireless turns iPod into a phone

A freeware application for the iPod Touch can turn the music player into a virtual mobile phone.

Truphone uses wi-fi technology in an iPod Touch to allow users to make calls to other iPod Touch owners and Google Talk’s messaging service users.

The software is a spin-off from technology Truphone developed for smartphones and iPhones.

The developers plan to have the ability to make calls to and from landlines in place very soon.

Truphone is the latest firm to offer voice over internet protocol (VoIP), alongside Unlicensed Mobile Access and proprietary protocols such as Skype.

Geraldine Wilson – Truphone’s CEO – said the firm had ambitions to become a global internet player.

“There are a slew of new features we’re rolling out for the iPod Touch that will let users call landlines, Skype users or send instant messages. We’re talking weeks, not months, before these go live.”

Although Truphone technology can, in theory, work on any mobile device, the firm is concentrating on devices that have an application store.

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Wireless turns Ipod into a Phone

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