Google Alerts – A Neat Tool For The Oracle or SQL Server DBA

Google Alerts is a great tool for any Oracle DBA, SQL Server DBA or for that matter any type of Database Administrator to put in their tool box. Its a Tool I use every day.

With Google Alerts you have the Ability to create a Google search that is executed every day, and only the updated results show up in your Mail Box. To quote the Google Alerts home page some handy uses of Google Alerts include:

* monitoring a developing news story
* keeping current on a competitor or industry
* getting the latest on a celebrity or event
* keeping tabs on your favorite sports teams

Lets say that you?re an Oracle database administrator (DBA) or a Microsoft SQL Server Database administrator (DBA) and you want to keep up with a particular error or technology. For that matter this would work for any type of database administrator (DBA) from Postgress, MYSQL. Oracle and so on.

You could easily create a Google alert to send you an email whenever that particular error or technology is mentioned anywhere Google searches across the internet. With Google Alerts you get to decide where it will search in the Internet. . You have a lot of control on where Google will search on your behalf. For example you could ask google alerts to only search:

? Comprehensive (Every Thing)
? News
? Blogs
? Webs
? Video
? Groups

So For example as an Oracle DBA you could create message to look for any mention of the ORA-00600. I am sure you have never seen that before. You could even include the internal error code arguments you received on a particular error flavor or ORA-00600 and have it only search BLOGS.

You can also choose how often you want google alerts to search for a given search term. Your choices in Google Alerts include:

? Once a DAY
? As-it-Happens
? Once a week.

Here is an example of how to create a Google Alert for RMAN and every time it is mentioned in a BLOG. Also We will tell Google Alert to only search once a week.

Step 1. Goto the Google Alerts Home Page.

Here is what You would See:


Step 2. Fill in the necessary Information?.

When the google alert has been created, you will see a message like this:

Google Alerts is an excellent way for an Oracle DBA, or a SQL Server DBA to follow a particular technology or find up to date information on an issue they need to follow. Its a must for any Database Adminisrators tool box of tricks.


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