Hosting Customer Summit 2015

Hosting Customer Summit 2015

Charting The Course to the Unified Cloud

Hosting Customer Summit 2015






Today is June 25th, 2015 and I am in Denver, Colorado at the Hosting Customer Summit. Hosting has held the Hosting Customer Summit for over 5 years. At Hosting we use the Customer Summit event to help our customers navigate a path to the future and at the same time obtain valuable feedback from the Hosting customer base on the types of services they would like to see in the future.? I was excited to be able to attend the Hosting Customer Summit and at the same time have a few of Ntirety’s customers also attend the Hosting Customer Summit. The theme of this conference is “Charting the Course to the Unified Cloud”.

Unified Cloud – Right Workload, Right Platform

The summit kicked off with a presentation on cloud trends by Hosting Chief Strategy Officer, Andy Schroepfer. Andy was drawing upon insights from his recent white paper, The Defining White Paper for the Unified Cloud as he spoke to the audience.

Today the majority of? the spend in the Cloud is with AWS. To put this in perspective AWS is bigger than the next 4 cloud infrastructure providers in total.? We all know the first-hand dangers when one vendor has a such a monopoly on an industry. Well the Unified Cloud is your best defense against vendor lock-in.

A Unified Cloud integrates private and public-cloud deployments, providing users with a centralized way to manage it all. This means today that Hosting Customer can look at a given workload, put it on the right platform, at the right time? and all in a safe secure manner. They might have some workloads on Amazon AWS, other workloads on Microsoft Azure and other workloads on a private cloud. They put the pieces of the infrastructure puzzle together the way that best support their organization in the most efficient manner with one throat to choke and one place to manage it all.

Unified Cloud

To use a term that Andy Schroepfer used at the Hosting Customer Summit Hosting has become the Priceline of the Unified Cloud. Just as priceline gives you choice, so does Hosting. With a Unified Cloud approach from Hosting, you have leverage and control, giving you your best defense against vendor lock-in.

Hosting Customer Summit Guest Speakers

There is a wonderful line-up of guest speakers at this event. I have included the BIO’s of all the Hosting Customer Summit guest speakers toward the end of this blog.

When you combine this list of Hosting Customer Summit guest speakers with the Speakers from within Hosting, you have a very powerful lineup of speakers. The Hosting Customer Summit is also designed in such a way that the attendees are able to engage in thoughtful dialogue with the many different speakers.

Favorite Quotes from Hosting Customer Summit

Best Quotes

“Every company has to decide Lead, Follow or get out of the way”

“Independence will win”

“Unified Cloud is the best weapon to defend against lock-in”

“Did data make us smarter of just help us do better marketing”

“Be Prepared” Boy Scouts

Art Zeile Hosting Customer Summit

“The Whole is Greater Than the Parts”

“Back to Basics”

“Mind the Gap”

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from Failure” Colin Powel

Andy Schroepfer Hosting Customer Summit

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but so simpler” Albert Einstein

“Complexity is your enemy”

“Information is your Friend”

“let your expert partners help drive your success”

“AWS is bigger than the next 4 cloud infrastructure providers”

“Microsoft Azure 1,600,000,000 in revenue adding 10K customers a week”

“Unified Cloud, One Invoice, One Partner”

Hard At Work Hosting Customer Summit

“Always trying to train and get better”

“We really care about improving the customer experience”

“A Unified Cloud is Key to Business Transformation”

“Number 1 thing that matters is customer satisfaction”

“Monitor what the customer wants from us end to end”

“If it logs we log it, if it can be encrypted we encrypt it”

“Education and Consumption are directly linked”

“Public Cloud is a shared Responsibility Model – Mare sure all parties on the same page”

“Flash is a storage technology that allows people who have demanding performance to get that job done”

Sean Burton HQ

?”Flash is a commodity, its available to everyone. Its the software and ability to manage the data that matters most”

“We view the cloud as the disruption of the century”

“Nobody goes to AWS for price”

“Perception is Reality, if they perceive security is less in the cloud then it is”

FBI Hosting Customer Summit

“Be the Trusted Advisor”

“8.6 Zettabytes data center traffic by 2018”

“Its your Cloud it should be your Data”

“Every One in this room has to worry about State Sponsored Hackers”

“Why do all that work, (Injection attack, Firewalls breach), when they can just send an email and have someone open up an attachment”

“You will be hacked. Have a Plan. Practice the Plan. Call FBI, Have Legal Ready..”

Guest Speak Bio’s Hosting Customer Summit

James Staten Microsoft, Chief Strategist

James Staten Microsoft

James Staten, a veteran industry analyst who covered the cloud computing market for Forrester Research, is chief strategist for Microsoft?s Cloud & Enterprise group ? helping the Redmond company in a highly competitive part of the industry.

Staten?s role at Microsoft includes working with CIOs and other corporate tech leaders to help them understand which parts of their businesses should move to the cloud, and in some cases which shouldn?t move. That?s a different approach than many of Microsoft?s primary cloud computing rivals, including Amazon and Google.

?You don?t make a binary decision,? he said. ?You figure out which parts of your architecture are best suited to the cloud and take the most advantage of the cloud economics, and you start there.?

Staten, who started his career as a journalist before becoming an analyst with Gartner in 1996, has worked at tech companies in the past, including Azul Systems and Sun Microsystems, where he
was a director of marketing from 2001 to 2004. He has been with Forrester since 2007 as vice president and principal analyst.

Andy Lewis Kovarus, Chief Information Officer

Andy Lewis Kovarus

Andy Lewis brings extensive technology leadership experience from more than 20 years with companies such as EMC, Visa, Barclays Bank, Lloyds TSB and Galileo International. He is responsible for Kovarus? technology direction.

Lewis came to Kovarus from EMC?s office of the CIO where he served as the CTO/CIO for the western region. In this position, Lewis provided experience-based advisory and advocacy services to EMC?s customers as they embarked on their journey to the cloud and shared best practices from EMC IT?s internal initiatives. Lewis also led customer facing CIO discussions on strategy and direction and trained the EMC sales teams on IT-as-a-Service and virtual computing.

Previously, Lewis served as senior vice president/head of global infrastructure and engineering for Visa where he managed all aspects of transforming their global IT corporation, from mainframe to desktop technologies, along with the IT fiduciary responsibilities of infrastructure and personnel. While at Visa, Lewis? thought leadership served as the basis for the design and delivery of the company?s cloud strategy.







Lewis also served as CEO and president of an IT consulting company that focused on process excellence and executive gap analysis. He has co-authored books on the topic of Storage Area Networks and has been an active participant in many CIO/CTO councils. Lewis attended the University of Gloucester, England.

Kris Bliesner 2nd Watch, Chief Technology Officer

Kris Bliesner 2nd Watch

Kris Bliesner is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Co-Founder of 2nd Watch. He oversees strategic and technical development of 2nd Watch?s cloud-based products and solutions. Prior to co-founding 2nd Watch in 2010, Kris held many top IT positions with companies including Microsoft and Ambassadors Group. As the CIO for Ambassadors Group (EPAX), Kris spearheaded the replacement of the company?s legacy ERP platform and implemented a business-first CRM system as part of a strategic overhaul of Ambassador?s IT infrastructure. As a member of the core executive team, he helped drive strategic partnerships and advised on M&A. As Microsoft?s Director of Sales, Marketing and Services Infrastructure, Kris managed content and communications tools for the company?s 60,000+ global Sales, Marketing, and Services workforce.

During his tenure at Microsoft, Kris received several awards and accolades, including two divisional ?Field Productivity? awards and a Circle of Excellence award (top 1% of Microsoft). In addition, Kris owned his own consulting business specializing in system architecture, database design, and software development. His clients included Onyx Software, Ascent Partners, National Flood Services, and Microsoft Corporation.

Antonio Piraino ScienceLogic, Chief Technology Officer

Antonio Piraino ScienceLogic

Industry expert Antonio Piraino guides ScienceLogic?s IT management vision and product strategy.

Antonio has 20 years of IT experience in sectors ranging from telecommunications to software development. A noted thought leader in cloud computing, Antonio came to ScienceLogic from Tier1 Research (a division of The 451 Group).

As vice president and research director at Tier1, Antonio provided insight to service provider and enterprise clients, with a focus on data center, hosting and cloud computing technology research. Prior to Tier1 Research, Antonio was a technical manager for gaming software development firm Derivco. Antonio started his career in the satellite space, leading TDMA development for INTELSAT. Since then, his IT roles have taken him across the globe, including leadership positions with China Telecom, Telecom Italia, Akamai, and BCE Teleglobe. Antonio has a bachelor of science degree from the University of Natal in South Africa and an international MBA from Georgetown University. He is a member of The Society of Industry Professionals.

Garrick Van Buren Working Pathways, President

Garrick Van Buren Working Pathways

For more than a dozen years now, Garrick Van Buren of Working Pathways has provided independent consulting, coaching, and advising to the executives, directors, and managers responsible for their organization?s digital growth.

Garrick has helped them improve their management and digital product development practices to deliver higher quality products on time and under budget.

Whether the latest internet start-up or an established corporation, Garrick is comfortable working with small, focused teams as well as improving the working relationships between multiple departments. Many of the techniques Garrick advocate come from agile methodologies, Scrum, and lean manufacturing worlds, others come from his extensive background in user research.

Nathan Burrows Cohere Technology Group, Director of User Experience

Nathan Burrows Cohere Technology Group

Nathan Burrows of Cohere Technology Group began his career as a Systems Administrator for Lexmark International in the Research and Development Lab. However, wanting to serve his country, Mr. Burrows applied to and was accepted as a New Agent Trainee at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.
Mr. Burrows spent the next twelve years as a Special Agent with the FBI primarily investigating cyber crimes, but also crimes against children, counter intelligence, and violent crimes. As a cyber crime
investigator, Mr. Burrows provided incident response to victims of computer intrusions, theft of intellectual property and personal information, and online fraud. In 2005, Mr. Burrows was selected for the FBI?s Cyber Action Team, which is an elite group that travels around the world on a moment?s notice to assist in computer intrusion cases that are most dangerous to our national security and to our economy.
In 2009, Mr. Burrows was promoted to Supervisory Special Agent to lead the development of the FBI?s case management system, Sentinel. Sentinel was successfully deployed in 2012, thus transitioning the entire FBI from paper to electronic workflows and records. Mr. Burrows left the FBI in 2015 to be able to create similar technology solutions work for other government agencies. Mr. Burrows is currently the Director of User Experience for Cohere Technology Group which specializes in software and technology
solutions for law enforcement, the Department of Defense, and the intelligence community.

Larry Yatch Sealed Mindset, Chief Executive Officer

Larry Yatch Sealed Mindset

Lawrence Yatch of Sealed Mindset, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and a ten-year veteran of the U.S. Navy SEALs, has been a leader while serving in extreme environments across the globe. Now, as an entrepreneur in the field of leadership development, corporate contingency planning, and personal safety, Mr. Yatch has applied the lessons learned from these experiences to develop thought provoking speeches, processes for implementation across a workforce or executive team, and workshops designed to align decision-making, reinvigorate cultures, and improve team performance.
Mr. Yatch planned and led his SEAL platoons in the assault on the world?s largest oil platform in the largest Special Operations mission in history during the opening night of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He developed a radical new system for attacking armored, enemy controlled ships during operations in the
Northern Arabian Gulf. Mr. Yatch also planned, built, and directed the creation of a new 300 person SEAL command designed to undertake sensitive missions critical to the Navy?s efforts in the War on Terror. Prior to entering Iraq, Mr. Yatch was responsible for the development of a training pipeline for more than 30 Philippine Special Forces operators to prepare them for combat action, and he worked with the Singaporean Navy?s Special Forces to hone anti-terrorism skills.

In the commercial sector, Mr. Yatch has provided security and operational management guidance to international architecture firms, international pharmaceutical firms, high net worth individuals, the Motion Picture Association of America, Walt Disney, SONY, FOX, and Warner Brothers Studios. He has developed and implemented cutting edge technology to address anti-piracy concerns at the national and international level.

Mr. Yatch has designed, constructed, and tested advanced technical surveillance systems used globally by Special Operations Forces and law enforcement operatives. His unique expertise in countersurveillance, counterintelligence, and operational planning also allows him to develop curriculum for selective Special
Operations Forces (SOF) units in immediate combat zones. Mr. Yatch earned his Engineering Degree at the U.S. Naval Academy, where he was also a founding member of the Naval Academy Combat Pistol Team.
Mr. Yatch has received many awards, to include the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with a ?Combat V? for Valor in Battle ?above and beyond the call of duty,? the Achievement Medal for innovation in SEAL combat tactics, the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, and the Humanitarian Service Medal for relief efforts in East Timor and Sri Lanka.
Mr. Yatch is the CEO and Founder of Sealed Mindset, a Navy SEAL-inspired defense training center that offers a variety of tools, training, and inspiration to grow confidence and overcome personal challenges. The state-of-the-art facility and its corporate programs ensure that students and executive teams alike are
able to learn, practice, and experience to build safety skills and leadership skills to excel at their professions. Mr. Yatch is also the Founder of Mindset Matters (, a company that has designed leadership and personal safety curriculum for more than 1,000 Middle School and High School students to combat bullying and to reinforce positive leadership action.
Mr. Yatch uses his operational and strategic leadership experiences acquired at the Naval Academy and during his decade with the Navy SEALs to provide guidance and training to the corporate world in matters of leadership development, innovation, contingency planning, mindset and motivation, and security.

Jon Kissane, SVP and Chief Strategy Officer NetApp

Jon Kissane CSO Netapp hq

In this role Jon oversees NetApp Corporate Strategy and Corporate Development and is focused on driving the company-wide strategic planning process and identifying opportunities for technology collaboration and targeted strategic relationships.

Most recently prior to NetApp, Jon was at CA Technologies, where he was responsible for identifying opportunities to improve the company’s competitive position and portfolio of IT management solutions. He led the mergers and acquisitions process across CA businesses, and achieved over $1B in successful transactions. Jon started his career as a design and development engineer, and later led business development at an early-stage mobile software startup that was eventually acquired by SAP. He also worked at The Boston Consulting Group, and in early-stage venture investing at Centennial Ventures, where the portfolio included Compellent Technologies (acquired by Dell), Inflow (acquired by Sungard), and Telephia (acquired by Nielsen).

Jon received his MBA from INSEAD based on studies in Singapore and France, and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Harvard Law School. He holds dual undergraduate degrees in history and engineering from Stanford University. He is married with four children and lives in California.

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