How to “Go Green” As A Database Administrator (DBA)

I was on my way home from a seminar series we recently did jointly with Microsoft. At this seminar I presented “Choosing a DBA Managed Service instead of a consultant? ?which is based off the research I did for my white paper Choosing a Remote DBA Vs Consultant Link on the topic trying to better understand what companies benefit most from a remote DBA service.  The other presenter was Tony Piltzecker of Microsoft who presented ?What?s Coming in SQL Server 2008?.  Which looks great I might add. It looks like Microsoft is taking another quantum leap for its SQL Server database

I am on my way home, after many stops. It?s late and I go to purchase gas. The Price off the Highway was almost $4.00 dollars a gallon. I think to myself this is the second time this week; I have had to fill this tank up. On the radio shortly after that is a discussion on the price of gas. Yes I listen to talk radio. Tonight was WBZ AM Radio 1030.  They were equating the current gas problem to the TULIP Craze, The Internet Boom and so on. How this price of GAS is a bubble that will eventually burst.

I think even if that?s true, it?s a bubble that is still going to hurt a lot before it does burst. It got me thinking, which I am sure it has a lot of other people thinking. What can I do to ?GO Green?? Ntirety business is completely Remote Database Administration. So to answer this question, I have to answer to questions.

1.    What does it mean to ?GO GREEN? with your Oracle database administration
2.    What does it mean to ?GO GREEN? with your SQL Server database administration

Given that fact we are 100% focused on database Administration. What does it mean to ?Go Green? as a database administrator. So I am looking for thoughts, ideas, and suggestions on how to ?GO GREEN? as a database administrator.

As a company we handle databases all over the world for lots of different companies. We have built an infrastructure that allows us to work completely remote. So in once sense we are ?Going Green? because our database administrators do not need to drive into the office every day and pay $4.00 a gallon for gas to do their jobs.

Database Administrator (DBA) Go Green Suggestion 1: ?Set up your infrastructure so you can work remotely in a safe and secure manner. Eliminating the need to go into the office to fix things that could be done remotely.

How many times when I was working as a consultant for a companies database. The organization would have a power failure. The Server and databases would not come up cleanly after the power failure. The first thing I did was create a startup procedure that would ensure on a reboot of the server everything would come up clean. I would also set up a variable to be set. In case I did not want the database to start up on system reboot. So my seconds go green suggestion.

Database Administrator (DBA) Go Green Suggestion 2: Set up procedure so the database automatically restarts itself upon a power failure or server reboot. This will prevent you getting having to deal with it. Which means a trip into the office, or other activities that will waste time and energy.

How many times have you seen reports printed that the users never looked at. The worst case of this was when I worked for Honeywell Corporation. We had a report printed for a user every week, which took 7 boxes of green-bar paper. When I question who needed a report every week that was 7 boxes thick. I guess even back then I was a ?GO Green? database administrator. I learned that they only looked at the last 10 pages. My next ?GO Green? suggestion.

Database Administrator (DBA) Go Green suggestion 3: Eliminate unnecessary paperwork. If it can be done electronically, do it that way.

How many DBA have multiple screens on your desk. So they can watch the progress of what is happening on the various systems. Do you really need that? We have to change the way we do things, so we are more energy savvy. So my next DBA Go Green suggestion

DBA GO Green Suggestion 4: If you are not using a piece of equipment shut it off.

I am hoping that reading this blog entry will get every one thinking. I am looking for ways that a Database Administrator can GO Green in their jobs. Please take the time to share any ideas you have no matter how big or small.

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