How To Prevent DBA Burnout, Suggestions Anyone?

I am working on a Presentation on how to prevent DBA Burnout for..

COLLABORATE 09: Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community. May 3-7 Orlando Florida.

Collaborate 09

I am looking for suggestions. I want to make sure I have covered all the basis. So if you are a DBA, A DBA manager or anyone who has a suggestion. Please take the time to email me or post a comment on the site. After I give the presentation I will post some highlights or create a white paper on the topic.

This presentation is based upon an article I wrote for Database Trends and Applications. Here is a link to the original article that was published:  When Atlas Stumbles – Lessons for Preventing DBA Burn Out 

When Atlas Stubles – Lessons For Preventing DBA Burnout

Michael Corey

Presentation Abstract

Studies have shown the amount of information being stored in a database grows three-to-five times its size every three years. The technology supporting these massive data stores is increasingly complicated. Even the types of data are getting more complex. What’s more, an application explosion means businesses are using their data in new and different ways to gain a competitive advantage. And then there are the security issues, as DBAs are on the front line in the war against data theft. All these factors are putting an incredible strain on your database administrators.

This presentation will help you
understand DBA burnout and how to prevent it. Many of the lessons taught will be applicable to any understanding how to prevent burnout of all highly technical resources.


1. Understand the Industry pressures and trends impacting you DBA’s ability to effectively manage your technology infrastructure.
2. Understand the DBA (Employee) Perspective
3. Understand the Company (Employer) Perspective
4. Tricks and tools to prevent DBA Burnout

Learning Objective 1


Understand the Industry Trends that are effecting the Database Administer and their ability to support your organizations databases

Learning Objective 2


Understand both the Database Administrators (Employee) perspective and the companies (employer) perspective

Learning Objective 3


Provide you an understanding and a set of tools and tricks that will help you better manage technical resources like a database administrator. Helping you prevent staff burnout

Attendee Prerequisites

The person should be a manager or want to learn how to better manage technical resources like a database administrator.

If you have a suggestion please post it or send it to me via email.

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