IE Sends Mozilla a New Cake for Firefox 3

I just saw an article by Ryan Paul on the Internet Explorer team at Microsoft sending a cake to the Firefox 3 team at

?In honor of today’s Firefox 3 release, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team gave a cake to Mozilla. The tasty treat, which prominently displays IE’s blue “e” icon, just arrived here at Mozilla headquarters in Mountain View.?

?The cake congratulates Mozilla on shipping Firefox 3 and expresses love from the IE team. Microsoft’s IE developers also sent a cake to Mozilla in 2006 following the release of Firefox 2, so this is clearly becoming a tradition.?

Over the years I have seen many such things happen like this. They always make me smile. It reminds us all what a small world we live in. The article goes on to say ?Closer cooperation between Microsoft and Mozilla on standards and web innovation would be a big win for everyone.?.

If you enjoyed that article check out   There are a few more pictures you might enjoy, plus see a few more faces behind Firefox 3.


Posted by Michael Corey


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