Internet Outage Hits India, Middle East Again!!!!!!


I am Sorry All Lines to India Are Busy Right Now, Please Call Back Later ! ! !

If this is a database emergency, please call back later when service is resumed

When you are a U.S. based operation like Ntirety, this is the stuff dreams are made of. I could not have made this up if I wanted to.

To hear that yet another line that supplies Internet connections to the Middle East and India has been cut. Severely impacting the ability of those off shore teams to communicate with the rest of the world.

It has always been my biggest worry if I open up an off shore operation and they cannot maintain a stable Internet connection in that country, how can I look at a customer with a straight face and say we will be there when you need us most. It?s one thing to put software development off shore, another to move your mission critical database support off shore.

So many of these companies have such a small U.S. based presence compared to their off shore presence, they are putting their customers at risk if there is a “Run on the Bank” and too many mission critical database have problems at once. We all know how unlikely that is, but them how many times has Murphy?s Law prevailed in our lives.

Let me sat that again if you are an Off Shore operation with 60 DBA?s in India and 5 in the U.S. you better hope there is not a run on the bank too many things go wrong with your clients mission critical databases at once.

The article I am about to reference is titled:

?The newest Internet whodunnit? Who cut the cables??

by Charles Cooper.

Here are some key points in the article that struck home to me:

Three undersea fiber-optic cables get cut in just one week, and the conspiracy crowd is already convinced this is the prelude to World War III–or at the very least, a United States bombing assault on Iran.”

The cable cuts knocked out Internet service in a good chunk of the Middle East and South Asia. (There are reports of a fourth cable out of service but so far that’s unconfirmed.) What’s behind the disruptions? Two of the cables are owned by Flag Telecom, the other by a consortium of telcos. At this point, the companies suggest the most likely culprit is Mother Nature.”

Undersea cable damage is hardly rare–indeed, more than 50 repair operations were mounted in the Atlantic alone last year, according to marine cable repair company Global Marine Systems. But last week’s breaks came at one of the world’s bottlenecks, where Net traffic for whole regions is funneled along a single route.

To read the full article ?

What is clear to me all that money you saved goes down the tubes if your database fails and when you try to reach your offshore DBA you hear

I am Sorry All Lines to India are Busy Right Now Please Try Again Later


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