Internet Users Could Be Banned Over Illegal Downloads

I just read an interesting article titled ?Internet Users Could be Banned over Illegal Activities? by Francis Elliot.

The article starts like this

People who illegally download films and music will be cut off from the Internet under new legislative proposals to be unveiled next week.

Internet service providers (ISPs) will be legally required to take action against users who access pirated material, The Times has learnt.

Users suspected of wrongly downloading films or music will receive a warning e-mail for the first offence, a suspension for the second infringement and the termination of their internet contract if caught a third time, under the most likely option to emerge from discussions about the new law.

Broadband companies who fail to enforce the ?three-strikes? regime would be prosecuted and suspected customers? details could be made available to the courts. The Government has yet to decide if information on offenders should be shared between ISPs.

To read more of this Times Online Article Click Here?

Give it a break. It?s my understanding the Music Industry has had record sales since online distribution has happened. I have written a number of books, and I understand the issue of getting paid for your original material and the authors or musician right too it. No issues there.

This idea of making the  Broadband companies responsible for the activities of the Internet users who use there network, give it a break.

I guess if someone borrow my car and robs a bank with it or speeds with it I should be responsible for their actions. Lets hope some commonsense kicks in here, I think this is going a bit too far.

When is society going to hold people for their actions and not make everyone else responsible!

Just my two cents?.


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