IPHONE 3G Prevents Upskirts in Japan

I just saw an interesting article on www.cultofmac.com titled “To Prevent Upskirts, Japanese iPhone 3G Always Alerts When Taking Photos written by Leander Kahney that I could not help but put on my blog. Please note the Photo was taken by Jeff Epp. The new Japanese Iphone always makes a noise when taking a picture due to a particular problem they are having in Japan.

To quote the article

?The iPhone 3G in Japan has a special feature unique to that country: The camera always makes a conspicuous ?shutter? sound when a picture is taken, even when the phone is set to ?silent? mode.

The loud shutter sound is supposed to deter voyeurs from taking sneaky pictures up women?s? skirts ? or down their tops.

In Japan, upskirt and downblouse shots have become increasingly popular with the advent of high-resolution camera phones.

As a result, all cell phones sold in Japan make a conspicuous shutter sound, or say the word ?cheese? when a snap is taken, according to Nobuyuki Hayashi, a tech reporter based in Tokyo.

To read the entire article?

Its so interesting when you travel around the world the different cultures you interact with. When I watch TV when I travel around the world I am aways surprised by what I see and what I don?t see. What is accepted in Europe Verus what you will see on TV in the United States. I hope you found this as interesting as I did.


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