Is eBay Artificially Inflating Listing Numbers?

I just saw an article by Josh Catone on that caught my attention. Here is an excerpt from the article

?We’ve been taking a look recently into the troubles at online auction and ecommerce giant eBay. Ten days ago we took a look at reasons why many sellers are leaving ebay, and yesterday we covered an Australian ruling that barred the company from forcing sellers to use PayPal as their only online transaction method. Despite the problems the company is facing, their total listing numbers appear to be on the rise. But could they be artificially inflating that number?

Year over year, the number of auction listings at eBay are up according to independent tracking firm But there is evidence that the listings numbers over the past month or two are being artificially boosted by eBay’s recent partnership with, a traditional fixed-price online retailer in the vein of Amazon, signed a listing deal with eBay in May. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but is generally listing around 500,000 items on the site at once — or are they? Sellers on eBay’s forums discovered that a number of the company’s listings appear to be empty.?

To read the entire article?

is ebay Artificially inflating listing numbers?

I have sold a number of things on Ebay and have had my issues. I am not happy with how they force paypal on everyone. As a database technologist, I love the application. I wonder if it runs on Oracle or SQL Server. The article caught my eye and I thought I would share it.


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