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It?s been a very crazy month. For those who follow my blog regularly you know I try to post at least once a week. When its been close to a month since my last posting. A lot has happened. I recently had a birthday; I was lucky enough to attend the Collaborate 09 conference in Orlando.

Like all of you I am dealing with the impact this economy has on my company and my life. A lot has happened. My next blog has to do with Job Advice for IT Professionals looking for work. I had hoped to write a blog on this topic, but Craig Mullins beat me to the punch. I am a big of Craig?s work. Like all of Craig?s writing it offers practical advice you can use.  Here is a link to Craig?s latest article in Database Trends and Applications.

Here is the link…..

Advice for Job-Seeking Data Professionals

My two favorite lines in the article…


The economy is a wreck and things will likely get worse before they improve. Unemployment is even worse; almost 600,000 jobs were lost in January 2009, sending the unemployment rate to 7.6%, the highest it has been in 16 years. So many data professionals are out there looking for their next challenge ? and more probably will be job hunting before the year is out.

With these dire statistics in mind, I thought it might be worthwhile to offer some advice and guidance to job seeking DBAs, data architects, and database programmers. The first bit of advice is this: If you have a job, keep it. Now is not the time to voluntarily become unemployed

Very sound advice.If you have a job keep it.

The other item that I really liked….

What about getting a professional certification? Well, even though I?m not a huge fan of certification, taking some time to study and pass a certification in your area of expertise can be a worthwhile pursuit if you are unemployed. And sometimes it can be a difference-maker if you are up for the same job as someone who is not certified.

I agree with Craig. I am not a fan of many certifications. I have seen two many DBA’s who had passed the certification exam but were not very good DBA’s. 

I feel Criag article offers a lot of good advice and is a very good read.

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