Lessons Learned When Choosing a Cloud Provider

Lessons Learned When Choosing a Cloud Provider

If Amazon Web Services (AWS) began the era of the Cloud, then today the cloud is over 10 Years old. In these ten years a lot has happen a question anyone who is considering moving to the cloud should ask themselves “Are their any lessons that can be learned when Choosing a Cloud Provider?“. The short answer is yes. In May of this year, I presented at the Data Summit conference in New York City. ?Where I discussed the state of the cloud today and ended with a checklist that should be used when Choosing a Cloud Provider. That original presentation is available at the Data Summit conference site, the most current version will also be maintained at this website. I would also encourage you to subscribe to michaelcorey.com so you will be kept up to date on what is happening.

Choosing a Cloud Provider

The Presentation Don & I gave was a huge success. So successful it prompted?Joe McKendrick to write an article for Forbes on it. ?The article is titled?21 Questions To Ask Your Cloud Computing Provider, Before You Sign

For an industry that is 10 years old, even in 2016?AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, and Verizon Cloud still have outages that have taken down companies such as Netflix, Amazon, and Reddit and temporarily put them out of business.

These outages and other issues have forced these early adopters to the cloud to rethink their cloud strategies. What is even more disturbing Amazon Web Services tells companies that they should move everything to the cloud, and yet The Wall Street Journal disclosed that Amazon does not follow its own advice of being 100% cloud.

This session discusses recent cloud trends, the lessons learned from these events, and what it means to you as a buyer moving forward as you migrate to the cloud.?At the End of the Presentation is a Checklist for Choosing a Cloud Provider. ?I have re-given this presentation a number of times since. Its one of my most requested presentations. Check out the?Checklist for Choosing a Cloud Provider. Its a great resource if you are considering migrating some or all your business to the cloud.

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