Microsoft Aquires DATAllergro Watch Out Oracle

There was an interesting article in the Seattle Times yesterday by Brier Dudley. I saw a reference to it on Brier Dudley?s Blog. It talks about the recent acquisition by Microsoft of DATAllergro.  DATAllergro To quote the blog entry?

Microsoft server boss Bob Muglia didn’t need any more exclamation points for his presentation at today’s analyst meeting. His business has been growing 18 percent a year, nearly quadruple the pace of the enterprise software market.

But he was able to punctuate his speech by casually mentioning the acquisition of data warehousing company DATAllegro.

By acquiring the California company, Microsoft can move further into massive-scale enterprise computing systems, with products that companies can use to store hundreds of terabytes of data.

Muglia said the acquisition enables Microsoft “to compete for the highest end data warehousing solutions — we’ve never been able to do that before.”

He added that the DATAllegro system “will scale well beyond what Oracle can do today.”

To read the entire article

Microsoft Muglia Take That Oracle

Watch out Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server product suite keeps getting better and better.


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