Monster VMs Doing IT Right VIRT8209

Monster VMs Doing IT Right VIRT8209

Monster VMs Doing IT Right VIRT8209 was a top 10 presentation at VMworld 2016 (Both on Tuesday & Thursday). For a numbers of ?years when I present at VMworld I have made top 10. Its great to have an audience that appreciates the fact I am trying to make it fun and at the same time share a lot of great technical information on vSphere virtualization.

Monster VMs Doing IT Right – TOP 10 VMworld 2016


Monster VMs Doing IT Right VIRT8209 - VMworld Top 10 Virt8290r











Over the last few years I have co-presented with some great speakers on the topic of Database Virtsualization (Both Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle) and Monster VMs Virtsualization. On this topic my co-presenters have included:

Don Sullivan, VMware?@dfsulliv, Jeff Szastak, VMware?@szastak

This year I asked David Klee, Heraflux?@kleegeek?to join me. David was a tremendous asset to the presentation and a real pleasure to work with. Joining me is this presentation is a lot of work and I really appreciate Davids help and more importantly helping to make sure Monster VMs Doing IT right continues the winning streak of being a VMworld Top 10 Presentation. Given the quality and caliber of speakers at VMworld 2016 this is not an easy feat. Both David and I are looking forward to taking this presentation to VMworld 2016 in Barcelona.

This presentation is based upon the best selling books?Virtualizing SQL Server with VMware: Doing IT Right (VMware Press Technology). I would encourage you to consider the purchase of this book and its sister book?Virtualizing Oracle Databases on vSphere (VMware Press Technology)

Monster VM Books

Both these books complement each other and are a very useful to have on hand as you go through the slide deck for Monster VMs Doing IT Right VIRT8290R.

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