MSPmentor: Oracle Accelerates Managed Service Push

MSPmentor: Oracle Accelerates Managed Service Push

MSPmentor just published an article Mark Hurd: Oracle Accelerates Managed Services Push by Joe Panettieri. This is a web site? pay very close attention to. They have a real pulse of where the MSP market place is going.
My company Ntirety was one of the Original MSP to focus on Remote Database Administration, which we coined the term Database Administration As a Service?. ?We have been providing Database Administration Cloud Services all over the globe before the term ?Cloud Services? was commonly used. The fact that Oracle is putting a push on this space is awesome. They just help legitimizes what Ntirety has successfully been doing for over 10 years.

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Mark Hurd: Oracle Accelerates Managed Services Push

Posted September 30th, 2011 by Joe Panettieri

Oracle President Mark Hurd says Oracle is preparing to accelerate and promote its managed services expertise. More details will likely surface at OpenWorld , where roughly 50,000 Oracle partners and customers are set to gather next week (Oct. 2-6, San Francisco). So where is Oracle heading with managed services? And how can MSPs potentially cash in with managed database services? Here are some clues.

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I will be at Oracle OpenWorld. I am a presenting 6681:Trends in Database Administration and the Changing Role of the DBA. As part of this talk, I will also touch upon Oracle Exadata and the effect it is having on the DBA. I will also talk about the Cloud, Virtualization and the effect that is having on the DBA. Given I started with Oracle version 3 and have lived the many DBA changes firsthand, I feel I can bring a unique perspective to the table.


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