Music Industry Wants a Music Tax – Give it a break

You are probably asking what The Music Industry and an Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server databases have in common and why I am writing an article about a possible Music Tax in the works. It?s because this industry just aggravates me so much, I can?t help but comment on the recent article I read by Michael Arrington and the newest Extortion scheme of the music industry.

To quote the article I saw in TECHCRUCH by Michael Arrington titled ?The Music Industry?s new Extortion Scheme? it states:

?But Warner Music is doing more than just talking about a music tax. They?ve hired industry veteran Jim Griffin to create a new entity that would create a pool of money from user fees to be distributed to artists and copyright holders.?

The reason they are moving towards creating a music tax because lawsuits against customers is not working as a strategy. To quote the article again ?Lawsuits against their customers aren?t working (The RIAA sent out 5,400 letters in the last year, says Portfolio, settling with 2,300 of those individuals and suing 2,465 who didn?t respond).?

What a strategy sue your customers. I know quite a few technology companies that think like this. That is a whole another topic for a new blog entry.

The point I am commenting, This industry just aggregates me. It?s my understanding the music industry has made more money in the history of the Industry since products like Napster and Limewire have been around than ever before. Yet they insist on crying poor mouth as they reap in huge profits. Did I say oil industry or music industry? I better not touch the Oil Industry or I might never be able to get off my soap box.

The music industry is changing, they need to evolve with the changes that are happening or go the way of the slide ruler. Just as the database industry is changing. Companies are struggling with managing there databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MYSQL?.). The traditional way of dealing with database administration is not keeping up.

When I visit most companies the internal DBA staff is getting beat up. They cant keep up with the enoumous workload in front of them. To make matters worse, database (Oracle, MYSQL, SQL Server….) are getting bigger and bigger at an alarming rate. The technology is getting more and more complex. The skill needed to manage it all, database administrators, good ones takes years to develop. Something is going to give. Companies have to deal with this problem of database administration (Oracle, SQL Server, MYSQL….) of face very serious consequences. Companies need to evolved how they do business of face the consequences. Just as they have already had to evolved to compete in today’s global economy.

So music industry wake up. I for one think the idea behind a music tax is ridiculous. A Music tax will kill Music Innovation. It will destroy the very life blood of your industry. Never mind the fact that you will kill the very incentives in place to encourage innovation in your industry.

The music industry is in a wonderful point in time. Devices like the Apple IPOD, have created an apportunity for your industry unlike any other. The Music industry needs to embrace change, not hold onto old ways of doing business that are sure to make the music industry go the way of the slide ruler.

To read the article article by Michael Arrington titled ?The Music Industry?s new Extortion Scheme? Click Here


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