New England VMware Users Group 6th Annual Summer SLAM

Best Kept Secret At VMware — N.E. VMWare Users Group Summer SLAM

It was a very hot July New England Day in Maine. In fact it was the second Hottest July 21st on record. Yet I was on a Mission to find Brunswick Maine and attend the event. All my friends in the know told me this was the greatest secret in VMware there is.

Best Kept SecretThis event is very well attended, and anyone who is anyone at VMware tries to attend. I can tell you first hand I was not disappointed.

To learn more about the New England VMware Users Group click on the link.

Technical Sessions At New England VMware Users Group

The Technical sessions were awesome. My favorite was “What DBAs need to know about Virtualization” by George Trujillo, Jr., Senior Systems Engineer – Tier 1 DB Specialist, VMware. It was standing room only. At Ntirety 6 of our DBAs attended this presentation and everyone walked away learning something. When the session was over, you could tell no one was ready to leave.

New England VMware Event ClassGeorge brought real world experience to his presentation. If you ever have a chance to see George present, I would highly recommend it. Other Sessions included..

  • VMware Fundamentals; Back to the Basics
  • Find, fix and prevent application performance problems with VFabric Hyperic
  • Create your cloud
  • vStorage: Best Practices
  • Increasing Performance, Capacity, Reliability and Automation – An in-depth look at VMware’s System Management Tools

This sample of presentations is just the tip of the iceberg. You were even able to use Dell computers on site to build your own VMware environment.


There was an excellent Vendor Floor. A Sample of the Sponsors included….

Focus Technology Solutions, Actitio, Brocade, Trend Micro, CBE Technologies, Falconstor, Morse Technologies, AVERE, 10ZIG technology, CORAID, DELL, Echo Star, RSA, Nimblestorage, commvault, GreenPages Technology Solutions, MITEL, Pano logic, VKERNEL, Whip Tail Tech, Blue Socket, PRESIDO, VEEAM, NASUNI, Nexenta, TwinStratta, Stratus Technologies.

That is not a complete list. It does give youy a sense of just how many vendors were there.

 I have no idea what the official count of the event was. There had to be over a 1000 attendees.

Gritty’s McDuff’s – Old Fashion Lobster Bake

Just when I thought the event could get no better. There was an old fashion Lobster Bake held at Gritty McDuff’s Brewpub of Freeport, Maine. Grittys is a favorite spot of mine to have lunchNew England VMware Users Group Summer SLAM when I visit my daughter who goes to school at the University of Souther Maine. Little known trivia about Gritty McDuff’s. Its holds the unusual distinction of being the first brewpub to open in the state of Maine since prohibition ended.

Gritty McDuff VMware Summer SLAM

This was an awesome event. Not only did we work hard, but we played hard at the end.

Gritty McDuff











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