Non-Patched Systems and Now Wanacry

Non-Patched?Systems and Now Wanacry

Wanacry Spreads across the internet to Microsoft Windows systems that have not been updated to the most recent security updates. This ransomware virus was not caused by a user that clicked a bad link.?This is yet another warning shot across the bow of the importance of practicing safe computing. Your?Non-Patched Systems and Now?Wanacry infects your system and you are its next victim. This could have all been avoided had your systems been properly patched. Within 24 hours over 200,000 computers in 150 countries had been affected with victims from hospitals, banks, manufacturing systems.

Non-Patched Systems and now Wanacry






What does Wanacry mean to your Business

Think about what this means to your business and customers. Your data is now another victim of Ransomware. You may be legally obligated to inform your customers you did not keep their data safe. Do you even have a Bitcoin Account? Do you know how to use the Bitcoin Account? If you pay the cyber criminals, will they even give you your data back? Do you have other options?? Is there a functioning backup in place? Has that backup ever been tested before? Will it even work? Do you have the expertise to restore your data correctly? Can your business afford to be out of business why this is happening? This all could have been avoided, with a simple Microsoft Security update.

To people in the security, they knew it was just a matter of time before an exploit like Wanacry happened. Wanacry is just like other Ransomware attacks that we have seen in the past. In this case, the cybercriminals are using an exploit known as ETERNALBLUE. ETERNALBLUE is an exploit generally believed to have been developed by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). It was leaked by the Shadow hacker group on 14 April 2017. Microsoft quickly developed a security patch to plug this hole. All your organization had to do, was apply the patch to avoid this issue.

Non-Patched Systems and Now Wanacry

Wanacry?was not Spread by users Clicking Bad Links

It important to know. This exploit was not spread by users who clicked on bad links. The only way to prevent the spread of this attack was to have applied the Microsoft security update.

Now is a good time for an organization to reassess its computing infrastructure strategy. Does it make sense to consider cloud computing, where services like patching are included? Consider partnering with a firm that offers managed services to partner with your organization to keep it safe and running optimally 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Work with an organization that has a full array of security services available, in case you ever need them.


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