Ntirety Among DBTA?s Trend-Setting Products for 2015


Ntirety Among DBTA?s Trend-Setting Products for 2015


Ntirety ? The Database Administration As a Service? company has been selected for the 2nd consecutive year by Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) to the Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2015. To see Ntirety’s entry on the DBTA Trend-Setting product this list [Click Here].

At Ntirety we are delighted to be chosen again for such a prestigious list and to see our award winning technology Ntrust? Database Appliance ?to again be recognized for the? many unique and game changing capabilities it brings to Ntirety remote DBA services from Self-Healing capabilities to enabling Ntirety?s Data services to be proactive.

How Ntirety is Different

At Ntirety we made a decision early on to use technology as a differentiator. Where many of our competitors use labor arbitrage as a differentiator, what I mean by that. Is: You need a DBA, A DBA in China, India you name the country. The cost of a DBA is cheaper in that country and they provide you that resource and make money by the fact their labor cost is cheaper than yours. At Ntirety we use Technology as a lever. By using our Ntrust Database Appliance, we are able to automate many of the tasks of a DBA, and even self heals proactively a number of common problems database experience. This makes our DBA?s more productive, more cost effective and also improves the overall quality and security of the service.

Its great to have an organization as prestigious as Database Trends and Applications acknowledge that our technology approach continues to be Innovative and trend setting.

Michael Corey

?Ntirety – A Division of Hosting


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