Ntirety Makes Talkin? Cloud Top 50 Cloud Providers


Talkin? Cloud 50: Ranked By 2010 Cloud Revenues

As the founder of Ntirety it was very exciting to see that Ntirety – Database Administration As A Service? was ranked #21 on the Talkin’ Cloud 50 list based upon our 2010 revenues. When I compare the fact that Ntirety is a pure play and many of these companies are not, I get even more excited.

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At Ntirety we are 100% focused on providing world-class DatabaseAdministration As A Service? for your mission critical applications on you physical server environments or a VMware virtualized environment for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL databases. Over 99% or our revenue is from providing Services on the cloud.

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To see the entire list ….

Talkin? Cloud 50: Ranked By 2010 Cloud Revenues



Given the impact the Cloud Computing has already had on how we do business today, It will be very interesting to see who joins this list over the next few years. At Ntirety, we virtualized our entire Database Operations Center 5 years ago. We experiences cost savings out of the gate of well over 35%. The Ntirety database operations center became even more fault tolerant as a VMware High Availability Cluster


sresult. The number of companies would be better served taking their Mission Critical Applications and placing them on VMware High Availability Virtualized Cluster is enormous. At Ntirety we are proud to be an early adopter of cloud computing. It?s nice to be recognized by the Talkin Cloud 50 list.


Michael Corey

Founder & CEO, Ntirety


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