Ntirety secures $1M investment for expansion in Massachusetts

DEDHAM, Mass. (March 26, 2008) ? Ntirety LLC, a pioneer in remote database administration, today announced it has received $1 million in venture capital funding to expand marketing and sales. The funding will allow Ntirety to expand its Massachusetts operations and hire database administrators to serve its growing customer base.

The Series B funding is being provided by a lead investor, the Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation (MTDC), as well as previous investors, CL Ventures, and Ntirety founder and CEO Michael Corey.

“Utilizing its scalable and proprietary hardware solution, Ntirety is poised to change the way businesses operate by providing a safe, reliable and affordable service to administer databases that are critical to corporations, which most often are not expert in database management. Ntirety is hiring database experts and expanding its presence here in Massachusetts to remotely service customer databases nationwide,” said Paul Tu, Principal of the MTDC.

Ntirety, founded in 2001 by a recognized database expert, provides remote monitoring, administering and tuning of Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases for a fixed monthly fee. Ntirety provides expert, round-the-clock monitoring and repair of mission-critical databases at a fraction of the cost of using traditional database consultants or in-house database administrators. Ntirety’s experts apply their skills and expertise to client databases, allowing customers to dramatically cut their information technology costs and eliminate common causes for database outages.

“Ntirety offers a proven, reliable service that proactively tunes our clients databases and prevents costly crashes. The new funding will allow us to expand our marketing and sales efforts so more companies can experience the peace of mind that the comes from knowing seasoned professionals are managing and caring for databases critical to their businesses,” said Corey.

The funding will spur additional growth for Ntirety, which recently expanded in Massachusetts, moving its headquarters to Dedham while retaining its Charlestown office. Ntirety competes with offshore service providers and on-site database consultants by leveraging its proprietary technology that enables its expert database administrators to work more efficiently than competitors. Ntirety is alone in the industry in supplying each customer with a specialized appliance that easily plugs into their database system and allows Ntirety’s database administrators to remotely and securely manage the database.

“The greatest benefit which my organization has derived from our relationship with Ntirety is the ability to quickly grow our organization, quadrupling both our number of employees and databases, without increasing internal head count. The relationship has also allowed me to keep my internal resources from burning out as Ntirety provides valuable 24X7 monitoring and intervention as well as a highly experienced DBA team to whom we have direct access at any time,” said Michael Geldart, Senior Manager, Computer Operations, at Cubist Pharmaceuticals of Lexington, Mass.

Databases are critical to every business, but managing databases is not the specialty of most, and hiring, training and retaining in-house database administrators is costly. Furthermore, a single in-house administrator cannot provide 24X7 monitoring and response, given other IT duties as well as holiday, vacation and work schedules. As a result, mission-critical data may be in danger because no one is watching or existing staffs are overworked.

“Ntirety hires the best and brightest database administrators, and those are found here in the United States and especially here in Massachusetts. Our employees are the A team, and even with higher salaries, we remain highly competitive against overseas companies because we leverage technology to be more efficient,” Corey said.

About MTDC (Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation)

MTDC, the Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation, is a leading edge venture capital firm that invests in start-up and early-stage technology companies operating in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. MTDC has invested in many of Massachusetts’ most promising new technology-based companies. For more information, please visit http://www.mtdc.com.

About Ntirety

Ntirety LLC is the leading provider of remote database administration services for companies seeking to overcome complex database administration issues and monitor and administer Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server mission-critical databases all at an affordable, fixed, monthly cost. Recognized as a DBA leader by Forrester Research of Cambridge, Ntirety is based in Dedham, Mass., and serves all customers exclusively from its North American locations.

For more information about Ntirety, visit www.ntirety.com, and visit Corey’s web blog at http://michaelcorey.ntirety.com.


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