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These are required reads IMHO.

Ntirety VMware Must Read List

Anyone who has been reading my Blog, can see greater and greater emphasis on VMware with each passing article. As they say I have “drank the VMware Koolaide”.

VMware Rocks Kool-Aid

VMware is the industry leading Virtualization software and for very good reason. There a reason Oracle Corporation is afraid of VMware. When Oracle is pushing Oracle Exadata, Oracle RAC or Oracle’s flavor of Virtualization VMware is offering a viable alternative. In most instances in my opinion a more cost effective and comprehensive alternative.

Before I go any farther, let me be clear. I have been working with Oracle since Version 3.0. They have built an awesome database. They have amassed the most comprehensive suite of applications to run against it in the world. As a technologist, I admire a lot about Oracle Corporation. That does not mean they are the right answer for every situation. Lets think about Oracle Exadata. It was initially built on HP hardware. Now that Oracle has acquired Sun Microsystems, HP is company non-gratis.

Lets review the Oracle Exadata, you would use Oracle hardware, Oracle database manager and in the perfect Oracle world an application that Oracle owns. When you look at the spec of the entry-level Exadata box, it is one big hunkering piece of hardware. At its lowest entry point It would cost a lot of money. If you took any mission critical application and put it on a big Oracle Racing expensive piece of hardware, it would run faster. What you have done is bought a NASAR racecar. If all you have to do is run a race that would be a great solution. Yet much of your IT departments time is consumed with the day to day realities of dealing with maintaining a Mission critical application so it can meet the demand of the business.

The Alternative VMware solution would deal with the issues of manageability of the environment. Instead of having physical server, where the unused resource cannot be reclaimed, when a particular mission critical process needed additional horsepower you would be able allocate the additional resource to it. ?By stream lining the manageability of the environment, your staff would have additional cycles left over to look at the root cause of a particular mission critical environments performance issues. ?Couple that with the fact you will save dollars as you consolidated your environments onto a VMware virtualized platform. ?As they say I have drank the VMware Kool-aid.


As I embark down the path of better understanding Virtualization. Here are a list of must read books?.

VMware Must Read Books – The Basics


Mastering VMware vSphere 4 ?by Scott Lowe?- good fundamentals book, vSphere 5 version will be out in Oct 2011

VMware vSphere 4.1 HA and DRS Technical deepdive (Volume 1)??- need to know fundamentals first but this is the bible on HA and DRS. (required once someone understands fundamentals)

VMware vSphere Design by Forbes Guthrie, Scott Lowe and Maish Saidel-Keesing??(a required read)

VMware Books – Advance Reading

VMware vSphere 5 Clustering Technical Deepdive (Volume 2) by Frank Denneman and Duncan Epping

?Do You Know Any Good Books That Are Missing ?

If you know of additional books that you feel should be added to my list, please let me know.

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