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SQLSaturday NYC #158

The NYC SQL Saturday event #158 will be taking place on Saturday August 4th in the Microsoft NYC Office at 1290 Avenue of the Americas.? This much anticipated event features many prominent SQL Server community speakers, MVP?s and vendors, so this is a must-attend event for anyone who works with or is interested in learning more about SQL Server.

To Quote another Blog I recently read 48 amazing sessions by some of the most respected people in the SQL Server community.? I have my ticket, hope to see you there”

More information on the event and the link to register can be found off of the SQL Saturday website located here.

SQLSaturday NYC Event Schedule

Track?? ?Starts?? ?Session Title?? ?Speaker
Track 1?? ?08:30 AM?? ?Kickoff / Keynote?? ?SQL Saturday SQL Saturday
Track 1?? ?09:00 AM?? ?Microsoft’s Big Play for Big Data?? ?Andrew Brust
Track 1?? ?10:15 AM?? ?SQL Server Internals & Architecture?? ?Kevin Kline
Track 1?? ?11:30 AM?? ?Lunch Break?? ?SQLSaturday 158
Track 1?? ?12:30 PM?? ?SQL Azure – What is it and why do I need it??? ?Scott Klein
Track 1?? ?01:45 PM?? ?SQL Azure Scalability with Federations?? ?Scott Klein
Track 1?? ?03:00 PM?? ?Designing an SSIS Framework?? ?Andy Leonard
Track 1?? ?04:15 PM?? ?Loading the Cloud?? ?Andy Leonard
Track 1?? ?5:30 PM?? ?Closing / Prizes?? ?SQL Saturday SQL Saturday
Track 2?? ?08:30 AM?? ?Kickoff / Keynote?? ?SQL Saturday SQL Saturday
Track 2?? ?09:00 AM?? ?Performance Tuning SQL Server Integration Services?? ?Brian Knight
Track 2?? ?10:15 AM?? ?Data Cleansing with SSIS 2012?? ?Brian Knight
Track 2?? ?11:30 AM?? ?Lunch Break?? ?SQLSaturday 158
Track 2?? ?12:30 PM?? ?Building Faster SQL Servers?? ?Brent Ozar
Track 2?? ?01:45 PM?? ?Real-Life SQL 2012 Availability Group Deployments?? ?Brent Ozar
Track 2?? ?03:00 PM?? ?What’s new in SQL Server 2012 – from A to Z?? ?Kevin Goff
Track 2?? ?04:15 PM?? ?SQL Server 2012 Columnstore index?? ?Kevin Goff
Track 2?? ?5:30 PM?? ?Closing / Prizes?? ?SQL Saturday SQL Saturday
Track 3?? ?08:30 AM?? ?Kickoff / Keynote?? ?SQL Saturday SQL Saturday
Track 3?? ?09:00 AM?? ?Programming T-SQL Enhancements in SQL Server 2012?? ?Leonard Lobel
Track 3?? ?10:15 AM?? ?Introducing SQL Server Data Tools?? ?Leonard Lobel
Track 3?? ?11:30 AM?? ?Lunch Break?? ?SQLSaturday 158
Track 3?? ?12:30 PM?? ?Much Ado about Indexes – Tips, Tricks and Tuning..?? ?Robert Pearl
Track 3?? ?01:45 PM?? ?Alright,WHY is the server REALLY running so slow!?? ?Steve Simon
Track 3?? ?03:00 PM?? ?But it worked great in Dev! Perfomance for Devs?? ?Randy Knight
Track 3?? ?04:15 PM?? ?What’s Buried in the Plan Cache??? ?Christina Leo
Track 3?? ?5:30 PM?? ?Closing / Prizes?? ?SQL Saturday SQL Saturday
Track 4?? ?08:30 AM?? ?Kickoff / Keynote?? ?SQL Saturday SQL Saturday
Track 4?? ?09:00 AM?? ?Virtualizing Tier-1 SQL Server Databases On VMware?? ?Michael Corey
Track 4?? ?10:15 AM?? ?Hadoop and its Ecosystem Components in Action?? ?Andrew Brust
Track 4?? ?11:30 AM?? ?Lunch Break?? ?SQLSaturday 158
Track 4?? ?12:30 PM?? ?Moves like Jagger – Upgrading to SQL Server 2012?? ?Mark Broadbent
Track 4?? ?01:45 PM?? ?READPAST & Furious-Transactions.Locking.Isolation.?? ?Mark Broadbent
Track 4?? ?03:00 PM?? ?How Not to Be a Cranky DBA?? ?Mike Hillwig
Track 4?? ?04:15 PM?? ?SQL Server Dos and Don’ts: Keys to DBA Nirvana?? ?Allan Hirt
Track 4?? ?5:30 PM?? ?Closing / Prizes?? ?SQL Saturday SQL Saturday
Track 5?? ?08:30 AM?? ?Kickoff / Keynote?? ?SQL Saturday SQL Saturday
Track 5?? ?09:00 AM?? ?Replicaton Technologies?? ?Hilary Cotter
Track 5?? ?10:15 AM?? ?Temporal Fact Tables: The Road Less Traveled?? ?Martin Schoombee
Track 5?? ?11:30 AM?? ?Lunch Break?? ?SQLSaturday 158
Track 5?? ?12:30 PM?? ?Get-PowerShell | Get-SQLServer?? ?SB Chatterjee
Track 5?? ?01:45 PM?? ?Real World Integration Services: Excel Spreadsheet?? ?Todd McDermid
Track 5?? ?03:00 PM?? ?Mastering Date-Time Based Analysis in DAX?? ?Dan Clark
Track 5?? ?04:15 PM?? ?Full Text Indexing Basics?? ?John Miner
Track 5?? ?5:30 PM?? ?Closing / Prizes?? ?SQL Saturday SQL Saturday
Track 6?? ?08:30 AM?? ?Kickoff / Keynote?? ?SQL Saturday SQL Saturday
Track 6?? ?09:00 AM?? ?Without A SQLTrace – Getting To Know Extended Even?? ?AJ Mendo
Track 6?? ?10:15 AM?? ?Seven SQL Agent Jobs You Should be Running?? ?Mike Hillwig
Track 6?? ?11:30 AM?? ?Lunch Break?? ?SQLSaturday 158
Track 6?? ?12:30 PM?? ?Introduction to Data Quality Services?? ?Marc Jellinek
Track 6?? ?01:45 PM?? ?Shred SQL Server XML.?? ?Alex Grinberg
Track 6?? ?03:00 PM?? ?Running SQL Server on Solid State Drives?? ?Linchi Shea
Track 6?? ?04:15 PM?? ?Enriching Applications with SSAS Data Mining?? ?Peter Myers
Track 6?? ?5:30 PM?? ?Closing / Prizes?? ?SQL Saturday SQL Saturday
Track 7?? ?08:30 AM?? ?Kickoff / Keynote?? ?SQL Saturday SQL Saturday
Track 7?? ?09:00 AM?? ?Writing Faster Stored Procedures and Functions?? ?Andy Novick
Track 7?? ?10:15 AM?? ?I Got Your Back (Up)…?? ?Mark Swofford
Track 7?? ?11:30 AM?? ?Lunch Break?? ?SQLSaturday 158
Track 7?? ?12:30 PM?? ?Team Management Fundamentals?? ?Kevin Kline
Track 7?? ?01:45 PM?? ?Advanced Charting Techniques in SSRS?? ?Jason Thomas
Track 7?? ?03:00 PM?? ?Slowly changing dimensions- an integrated approach?? ?Mark Stacey
Track 7?? ?04:15 PM?? ?SSAS 2012 Tabular vs. Multidimensional?? ?William E. Pearson III
Track 7?? ?5:30 PM?? ?Closing / Prizes?? ?SQL Saturday SQL Saturday
Track 8?? ?08:30 AM?? ?Kickoff / Keynote?? ?SQL Saturday SQL Saturday
Track 8?? ?09:00 AM?? ?SQL 2012 Error Handling. Pick your Destiny?? ?Rick Morelan
Track 8?? ?10:15 AM?? ?(SQL,SSIS,MDS) Adv Fuzzy Matching Roll Your Own?? ?Ira Whiteside
Track 8?? ?11:30 AM?? ?Lunch Break?? ?SQLSaturday 158
Track 8?? ?12:30 PM?? ?Creating a Performance Baseline for SQL Server?? ?Ron Johnson
Track 8?? ?01:45 PM?? ?Surviving Your Peak Database Load?? ?Ben DeBow
Track 8?? ?03:00 PM?? ?Know Backups and Know Recovery?? ?Tim Radney
Track 8?? ?04:15 PM?? ?Deploying SQL Server 2012 Multi-site Clusters?? ?Edwin Sarmiento
Track 8?? ?5:30 PM?? ?Closing / Prizes?? ?SQL Saturday SQL Saturday


My Soap Box

These events are a must attend for anyone who is serious about there careers in the SQL Server Community. They feature a full day of free training taught my some of the best in the industry. I have attended a number of these over the years. They are awesome.? My own talk is being co-presented by Jeff Szastak from VMware. One of the true experts on SQL Server within VMware.

Soap Box















Not only do you get some great tech talk you get to go to one of the greatest cities in the world. On top of that all the speakers are very approachable. I have made a number of good friends at these events over the years. I wish when I was active on the PASS board I had thought of this. I don?t know who did, but who ever did, it?s a truly awesome event.

If you had to pay for this training, it would be priceless. Yet the price of admission is giving up a Saturday. ?A very fair tradeoff if you asked my opinion. ?Look forward to seeing you there.

My presentation with Jeff Szastak will be on SQLServer and doing it right on VMware.

Michael Corey

Founder & CEO, Ntirety


My Personal Twitter Account:?Michael_Corey

Ntirety Corporate Twitter Account:?Ntirety

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