Oracle Database licensing on VMware vSphere Resources


Primary Goal of Oracle Salesperson

An oracle salesperson primary goal is to sell you are much Oracle product and services as possible. Using a little FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) can go a long way to helping that salesperson make quota and more importantly generate as much revenue as possible. ?This article is about resources that can help make sure you don’t over pay Oracle license fees and can see past the FUD that is way to often out there.

A good example of this FUD happens each time I present on Virtualizing Oracle databases on VMware at a major conference like VMworld, Oracle OpenWorld or IOUG Collaborate.

At each Q&A portion of my presentation a person in the audience brings up the point. ?I was told by Oracle that the database is not supported on VMware?. Which is absolutely not true. ?Yet this particular piece of FUD which started years ago continues to be spread around. This happens so often; I am beginning to think that some of these people in the audience when I present are a plants to help continue to spread thus miss-information.

Metalink Note 249212.1

This issue was put to rest over 7 years ago in 2007 when Oracle released Oracle Official Support Policy Metalink Note 249212.1 States they will support Oracle Databases, Applications & Middleware virtualized on VMware. Oracle RAC and Later is also officially supported.

In addition to what Oracle support provides you as a VMware customer have access to the Global Support team at VMware, which has a team of Oracle specialists.? Make sure you ask to deal with them, if the problem is in any way database related.

Galaxy Licensing ?- Resistance is Futile

As I think about the FUD, I am hearing of late. The idea of Galaxy licensing comes to mind. . Here is an example of what I mean by Galaxy licensing. If in your organization you have a 4-node cluster. Oracle stance would be that you have to license all 4 nodes. Even if the software had never been run or installed on 2 of those nodes.

Think about this, you have never installed or run the Oracle database on 2 of the nodes, why would Oracle ever be entitled to additional licensee fees.? You might even have set up affinity rules within vSphere that prevented the database from running on two of those nodes. Oracle would still tell you needed to license all 4 nodes.

Galaxy Pricing License Scheme

What is next; Galaxy licensing.? Where my servers are in the same Galaxy, so I owe oracle additional license fees.. To me this is just another way that FUD is being used to maximize revenue. ?First we had Oracle Audits, now we have a new licensing scheme Galaxy licensing all designed have you spend more money with Oracle.

When determining what you owe oracle for licenses the only thing that is relevant is the details in your contract. ?Let me say that again. When determining what you owe oracle for licenses the only thing that is relevant is the details in your contract.?

Oracle Database License on VMware Resources

Here are some resources you should take the time to look at:

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Oracle FUD ? The Phantom Menace: Licensing on VMware vSphere



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