Oracle Licensing Question and Answers Webinar

Oracle Licensing Question and Answers Webinar with Dave Welch

On August 8th there will be an Oracle Licensing Q&A with David Welch. This is being put on by the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) and the?VMSIG – IOUG Special Interest Group Focused on Oracle on VMware. ?Oracle licensing is always a hot topic. The thought of an Oracle Audit brings panic in the minds of CIO’s and DBA’s everywhere. I recently did a blog article Oracle Audit Protection Guarantee on a software licensing experts who will back their finding’s by issuing you an Oracle Audit protection Guarantee backed by Berkshire Hathaway and a Top 10 Legal firm.

Oracle Licensing Question and Answers


Anyone who has ever undergone an Oracle Audit knows first hand just how important this webinar is. Don’t wait for an Oracle audit to happen to find out you have been doing it wrong. That could be a very expensive mistake to make.

Dave Welch has a very deep understanding of Oracle Licensing. David Chooses his words very carefully. You will get clear concise answers to any of your Oracle Licensing questions.


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Here is some more information About Dave:

David Welch

CTO & Chief Evangelist, House of Brick

Founding Partner, CTO and Chief Evangelist, Dave is an Oracle Certified DBA, a former Oracle University RAC instructor, and a VMware Certified Professional. He specializes in Oracle enterprise license assessment, enterprise infrastructure assessment, Business Continuity options, performance, scalability, and system architecture. Dave has been involved in the reduction and/or reallocation of millions of dollars of hardware and software budget. Dave has been a prominent voice in the industry for the implementation of Business-Critical Application workloads on VMware virtualization technology. Dave is both a lead and key contributor to training curricula and authoring projects.

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