Oracle Open World & IOUG Collaborate 2012


Oracle World & IOUG Collaborate 2012


As I was putting the finishing touches on one of my presentations I am giving at the upcoming IOUG Collaborate conference a call for papers came in for Oracle Open World 2012.? It got me thinking a little.

I attended my first Oracle conference in circa 1987. Oracle was just 10 years old. The conference was held in Washington D.C.. It was known as Oracle International Users Week. State of the art for Oracle back then was Version 4 . From a technology perspective there was no row level locking, cost base optimizer, nor stored procedures.

Oracle 1987 International User Week


























The presentation I gave at Oracle International Users Week was ?titled ?It?s not in the Manuals?.? Oracle world headquarters was located at 20 Davis Drive, Redwood City. It was suppose to be the Oracle office to end all offices. Back then Oracle was the dominant relational database on the market as it is today. Some things never change.

I was so excited to be able to attend the conference and learn first hand from the experience of the other users of the product and the many experts from Oracle Corporation directly. In one day at the conference I would have a chance to walk the vendor floor and see all the product, tools and 3-party solutions available out there. Today at Oracle Open World it would take you days just to walk the vendor floor alone. At the conference General session I would hear first hand the strategic direction for Oracle from Larry Ellison himself. Well its almost 30 years ago and my excitement still builds for IOUG Collaborate conference coming up in about 30 days.

No Substitute For The Real Thing

In these cost-cutting times, many companies are pushing their employees to attend virtual conferences. I do feel there is a place for virtual conferences, but nothing compares to the real thing.

  • Walking the Vendor Floor At Oracle Open World/IOUG Collaborate I can learn more 3-party solutions in a day then would take me a month of google searching to find
  • Seeing Larry Ellison on stage sharing his passion, there is no substitute that even comes close.


Larry Ellison Questions



  • Seeing a presentation live, being able to interact with the presenter, picking up all the nuances of what they are saying and being able to talk with the presenter afterwards. A virtualize session does not come close.
  • Wednesday Night Party?s. Last year at Oracle Open World was Sting & Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Lets face it that rocks.
  • Networking, Networking, Networking, Networking. You will be amazed who you will meet at the conference. Many years ago I met Bob Miner (Oracle Founder) waiting in line for an event.
  • When you are in the office, you get interrupted. When you are at the conference you are able to take it all in.

My company Ntirety we invest in our people. We try to have a strong showing at events like Oracle Open World & IOUG Collaborate.

Oracle Open World Call For Papers

There are lots of great reasons for attending an event. A great way to make the business case for attending is to present a paper. Your conference fee is waived. That is the case for Oracle Open World and the

Independent Oracle Users Group Collaborate conference.? I would strongly encourage you to do it. If you have never attended an Oracle Open World then you are missing out. It?s a great place to learn, network and see the strategic direction of the industry.

Oracle Open World Call For Papers

My Presentations At IOUG Collaborate


223: Trends in Database Administration and the Changing Role of the DBA


Databases keep getting bigger and bigger. Business applications that utilize ever-growing databases are expanding at an alarming rate. To stay competitive, businesses require additional functionality, and the technology needed to make that functionality possible keeps getting more complex. To make matters worse, the DBAs needed to keep it all running are hard to find and retain. Good DBA skills take years to acquire, and the role of the DBA is fundamentally changing. This presentation discusses these trends and how they affect your career as a DBA or as a DBA manager. If you’re a DBA manager, understanding these trends will enable you to prevent staff burnout and be better equipped to align yourself with the needs of your organization.


826 Virtualization Boot Camp: Virtualizing Oracle On VMware ? Quick Tips


A database is a very resource intensive by its very nature and one of the most resource intensive applications you will ever virtualize. If best practices are not followed, the database will never perform as needed. This presentation will teach the DBA best practices for Virtualizing Oracle/MySQL databases on VMware. The Best practices will carry over to Oracle VM.


If you attend IOUG Collaborate or Oracle Open World this year, please stop by and say hello.

Michael Corey

Founder & CEO, Ntirety

My Personal Twitter Account:?Michael_Corey

Ntirety Corporate Twitter Account:?Ntirety


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