Pass (Professional Association SQL Server) Summit 2008

Well its Tuesday November 18, 2008, I am at the Pass Community Summit 2008. The Pass Community Summit is taking place in Seattle Washington Convention center.  The Professional Association of SQL Server puts on this summit. If you are not familar with the Professional Association of SQL Server, I would encourage you to learn more.

Its one of the best places you can go as a professional to further your career.  Those who know me know I was a very active member of the Independent Oracle Users Group for many years and I was also was one of the founders of Profesional Association of SQL Server.  To me being a professional means caring about your profession and getting involved in making it better. This is the big event of this group for the year. Its a great place to learn more and the best educational value there is. The Presentors here have real word Knowledge to share with you. 

My Company Ntirety is an exhibitor here. We are especially excited to participate this year because we have a great story to tell in these tough economic times. We offer companies a way to save money and get an immediate return on investment. We are a way for a company to save money and still move forward on its IT initiatives.  At a time when most companies are cutting back, we are growing faster than ever before.

Ntirety Sales Soar as Corporations Cut Budgets, Seek Savings

This show is particularly exciting since it is near the home of Microsoft and is sure to be well attended by Microsoft employees. With the new release of SQL Server 2008 there is lots of useful information to be gained here.

This Tuesday like all exhibitors it was set up day. Here are a few pictures I took.



Here is some members of the Ntirety Sales Team Taking a break during the conference.


Allan Hirt Book Signing

We are also excited at the book signing we are having at the Summit. A few months ago I was returning from Eastern Europe where I was visiting Budapest. A city I have fallen in love with. I have been there 5 times in the past 2 years. If you are thinking of going, ask me I have quite a few suggestions. In fact I did a blog item Go slow and see the Imagination of a Painter on a very unusual picture Zoom by Istvan Banyai an artist originally from Budapest.

Having worked on Oracle version 3, I consider myself an old timer when it comes to Oracle.  Well on my flight back from London, Heathrow I met Allan Hirt one of the very early users of SQL Server. As we shared war stories of the early days I found Allan to be one of the most knowledgeable people on SQL Server I have ever met.  Ntirety has started working closely with Allan.

We have asked Allan to come teach in Ntirety University. Out internal training program we have developed to ensure our DBA?s skills stay current. Allan Hirt knows more about High Availability SQL Server than anyone I know. He has a very nice way about him and is a great example of the types of people you have access to at an event like the PASS SUMMIT 2008.

Allan has written a number of books on SQL Server. We asked Allan if he would come do a book signing for Ntirety at the show.

Allan Hirt
Author of
Pro SQL Server 2005 High Availability
Ntirety, Inc Booth 404
Wednesday, November 19,2008
2:00-4:00 p.m.

 There is a lot happening here. I am excited to be part of it. If you are here, feel free to stop by Booth 404 and say hi.

I decided I would update my Blog Entry. We had a great book signing. A lot of people came by the Ntirety booth to say hi to Allen. On my Blogroll I have Kimberly Tripp. Kimberly stopped by the say hi to Allan. Here is a picture from the book signing.


I was talking with quite a few people about the conference. One of the things I heard over and over was the high quality of the speakers. Here are a few additional pictures from the conference….



Pike Place Market Seattle Washington

I had not spent a Lot of Time In Seattle Washington. What a great city. Lots of great resturants and coffee houses. On our way to the Pass Summit we had to go through Pike Place Market, Here are some pictures.





While at the Pike Street Market we had a great meal at Lowe


Posted Michael Corey,

Founder & CEO, Ntirety



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